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Moment of Awesome - Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch

Coming across Quentin Quire researching a potential tattoo, Wanda is horrified - and furious - at what he's thinking of.

She picked up her materials and thought about the first time she'd seen those numbers. The look on Erik's face at the questions she and Pietro had peppered him with. The smell of her mother's cooking as he, and some of her other relatives, sat them down to tell them the horrors. It had been a cleaned up version, of course, but the feeling ...

Wanda stared down at him and made a decision. She was getting nowhere with him and this was, after all, an open secret and possibly the only thing she could think to get something through to him. Her position on the man her father had become firm but the idea of Quentin or anyone tattooing those numbers turned her stomach. If Wanda had to 'name drop' to get him to actually think...

"A+ for not failing your most remedial history class," she said slowly, "however, you get a failing grade for mansplaining not only the Holocaust to a Rom whose people were also slaughtered but also to the daughter of the man who bears those numbers."

It was not often that Quentin Quire was at a loss for words, but Wanda quite effectively shut him up with just those few of her own. He gaped at her in a mixture of awe and horror. Magneto had a daughter. His daughter was here. Why the hell was his daughter here and not with him, saving the world? When he finally found his voice again, he crumpled up the papers on his lap and pulled down his sleeve.

"He knows you're here, with Chuckles?" he asked, keeping his voice steady.

"Yes or, at least, I would assume so." Wanda's anger was slowly leaving her and all she felt abated was exhaustion. "He brought me here, you know, when I manifested. I spent my summers here." She held up her free hand. "And I do not have the energy to explain exactly why I eventually returned so please do not ask."

It was past time to go but before she did, she said one last thing. "Regardless of who he is now, Erik's suffering in that death camp is his pain. The only person who can turn that and use it for whatever they want is him. Piggybacking off of someone else's suffering and pain cheapens what they went through."

Today in XProject:

October 8


2004: Marie-Ange meets Dr. Stephen Strange for help with her pre-cog. Devil In My Mind: Gambit emerges whilst Amanda is talking to Remy and she panics; after battling Gambit in his mind, Remy knocks out Madelyn and escapes medlab, meeting up with Sarah and taking her with him so she can kill the CIA men responsible for the Morlock Massacre. Kurt is concerned by Betsy's drinking.

2005: Bobby decides he needs to sneak out of the mansion with Angelo to get caffeine pills so he can help find Lorna. Scott catches them and tells Bobby that caffeine pills are a slippery slope, and threatens to take him off the X-Men until he goes to see one of the medics about his sleeping problems. Kitty tells Bobby about Terry's concerns, and he decides to fix things between them. Down in the medlab, Jean lectures Bobby for being stupid, and sends him out with pills to help him sleep. Jubilee is more successful in sneaking out, but her date is effectively ended when Cain shows up at the coffeehouse to bring her home. Alison takes a stir-crazy Haroun out of the medlab for a little sun. X-Men Mission: Mutant Michelangelo: The next X-Men mission is going to be a formal affair.

2006: Marie and Yvette have a picnic in the treehouse and Yvette decides to apologise to Logan for cutting him. Logan talks to Remy about combat training for the younger members of X-Force, Sarah in particular. The Snow Valley crew throw a birthday party for Remy on the anniversary of him defeating Gambit; later he leaves a voicemail message for Lorna.

2007: Forge organises a Boy's Night Out for the grads. Kevin meets Marius in the wee small hours. Yvette discovers a lack of bouyancy due to her mutation, but Angel is there to rescue her from the lake. Garrison realises Kevin has a warrant out for his arrest and warns Scott before going to arrest him; Fred Duncan tries to talk to Kevin, but doesn't get far; Kevin uses his one phone call to leave a message for his roommate.

2008: Bishop and Jubilee work on her stealth and she tells him a little of her past at the school. Jubilee discovers Zero Punctuation. Shiro talks about the 2008 Nobel Prize winners in his own particular way. Amanda wishes Remy a happy birthday. Yvette wonders where Tabitha is when she isn't in the library as expected.

2009: Laurie comments in her journal how offensive Beauty and the Geek is. Callie wants to go apple picking and issues an invitation in her journal, asking if anyone wants to accompany her.

2010: Julian texts Nico for some 'alone' time. Garrison runs into Amanda at a cop bar and they talk about their respective relationship issues.

2011: The Problématique: Garrison emails Bishop some security footage from an airport that shows Vanessa being flown out of the country; Bishop sends the footage to Doug for analysis and Doug determines Vanessa is likely to be in Prague. Marie-Ange provides birthday cake for Remy and her co-workers. Layla is bored and asks Artie to go to Salem Center with her via pictures. Korvus and Wade meet up in the garage to make the mansion's first amphibious VW Beetle and they talk about a few different things, beneficial sexism included.

2012: Lorna posts about Canadian Thanksgiving and invites everyone to the dinner. Marie-Anges posts that Voldemort’s name in French means Elvis.

2013: Amanda announces there’s a New Orleans style brunch in the conference room in honor of Remy’s birthday, and also cake.

2014: Clint texts Sue to check on her in the wake of Maddie leaving, they both decide Batman is the coolest superhero. Julian texts Tandy to check and see how things went last night with Sue, the conversation degenerates into playful name calling.

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PHASE 2 HAS BEGUN!!! Follow our characters as they traverse a brave new world and cope with the destruction of everything they knew.

Third character applications are open and being accepted!

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  • Dial My Number: An attempt at discrediting a politician proves dangerous for staffer Darcy Lewis who gets caught in the crossfire.

  • Little Paper Dolls: A psionic SOS leads Emma Frost and friends to a mind-boggling discovery.

  • Do I Know You?: A telepathic accident results in four minds being trapped in the body of a young girl in Quebec with no way to call for help.

  • Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: Cecilia Reyes goes to Honduras in hopes of re-establishing her X-Corps project, and ends up in over her head.

  • Operation: Mutant of the Seas: X-Force discovers not all of Genosha's mutates were returned to their former selves...

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