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Moment of Awesome - Tyrone Johnson/Cloak:

Helping out after a multi-car pile-up, Ty shows his power is more versatile than even he thought.

Kitty had been staring at the wreckage, dazed for a moment with her memories. The voice saying her name snapped her back into the present. There are people here who need my help now.

She ran to Sharon, looking up at the other woman. "Where should I start?" Her eyes caught sight of the driver and she moved forward, her eyes evaluating the situation. "Wait... the gasoline..." Turning to Ty, she asked: "Can you clear a path to the cabin for us? Kitty and I hopefully will be able to get him out."

Ty's expression twisted up into one of consideration. "Hadn't thought of that, I think it'll be easy enough." He grabbed nearby shadows, gave them more substance, and sent them to feed on the gasoline. He felt the liquid envelope into the shadow, like sweat evaporating from skin. It disappeared far more quickly than he anticipated, and all the fuel was gone in seconds.

"I can phase him," Kitty said. "But you'll need to help me lift him." She looked over at Sharon as she knelt, touching the driver and concentrating hard. She hoped that he didn't wake in the middle of the lift--it was going to be hard enough keeping them all under her control.

Sharon knelt down next to her, grabbing the driver's head and shoulders and tried to keep everything as stable as she could. "Ready."

Kitty took a deep breath, then lifted. She kept the three of them phased as she moved, focusing as well as she could. The sounds around them distracted her but she fought to ignore the tears and moans.

Biting her lip, Kitty called back to Ty, "Everything okay over there? "

Could one get metaphysical indigestion? That's exactly what it felt like to Ty. But other than mild discomfort, he felt fine. "Good to go, though I hope we get out of here before someone thinks to wonder where a couple thousand gallons of gasoline went. Somebody's losing a lot of money."

"They are lucky their driver is still alive, not moaning about lost gasoline." Sharon muttered as she helped Kitty ease him down on the road and started her assessment. "Kitty, I want you to keep his head stable. Can you do that for me? Kneel down behind his head and put your hands like this." Sharon explained as she showed Kitty how to hold his head to immobilize him. "Your arm helps to keep his head steady."

"Okay." Kitty bit her lip, glancing over her shoulder. The driver felt warm in her arms and she forced herself to focus on that. She released her phase hold on them in order to concentrate on their surroundings.

Ty released the shadows with what felt like a burp. It was very disconcerting. He shook himself and turned to the women with the driver. "Anything else I can do?" he asked uncertainly.

Sharon was already performing her first assessment, checking his vital signs and looking for any life threatening injuries. " Damn, sucking chest wound." She muttered after lifting his shirt. "Ty, do you have a plastic bag or a plastic wrapper? I need to seal this." She pulled out a role of medical tape she put in her pocket.

He shoved his hands into his pockets, then his jacket pockets. He came up with the wrapping for one of those gas station cookies. "Will this work? It's plastic."

"Good enough." She took the wrapper from him and carefully put it with the clean side down on his skin and taped it on three sides. She observed for a moment, seeing the air escape during exhale, while being sucked against the would on the inhale.

"Think he'll make it?" Kitty asked.

"With some luck and if further aid will arrive quickly, he should be fine."

Today in XProject:

February 3

2004: Lorna is finally released from the medlab, and meets Remy for the first time. Lorna, Marie and Bobby are officially added to the staff.

2005: During a sparring match with Haroun, Madelyn discovers that he's been hiding how much back pain he's been in. Clarice and Shiro start their relationship.

2006: Davey goes out exploring, and is caught by Catseye playing with the pool table, before Jim takes back control and is very embarrassed. Clarice is upset about the various things she's had to give up. Shiro misses Setsubun for the third year running and gets homesick.

2007: Terry and Clarice are made full X-Men. Marie and Sam go and see Wicked. Yvette talks to Logan about being afraid to leave the school since the mass comas. Doug apologises to Marie-Ange.

2008: Doug emails Crystal to let her know he and Marie-Ange will attend her birthday. Laurie tries to get more gossip out of Crystal about the date with Forge, and fails.

2009: Laurie makes a to-do list for her backpacking trip. The Orchid: Scott announces he and Jean are off to Madripoor to see his father. Cammie runs into Crystal. So You Want To Be A Superhero: Laser tag turns out to be something altogether else as the group find themselves in Murderworld; split into teams, the group find themselves running first through an insane version of America's Next Top Model, then Survivor, and then Dancing With The Stars, with people apparently being permanently eliminated as they go; Yvette and Jean-Paul escape their confinement but find themselves avoiding Arcade's security systems; Julian, Callie and Tatiana make it to the end, being offered a 'prize' of becoming actual sponsored superheroes, which they refuse; Arcade releases everyone and Murderworld crumbles into rubble; Meggan goes to see Kurt after her adventure and winds up sleeping on his couch. Morgan tells Adrienne about her new job. Morgan visits Manuel to show him she's back from Africa in one piece and things get ugly when the idea of Laurie meeting Valentia is raised.

2010: Warren finds a jacket in Jay's suite and Jay confesses that he has a new roommate, Lex. Jay finds a tabloid on Crystal and Forge, and he goes to her suite, asking what's going on between them and why Forge is avoiding his questions. Lex collides with Jean-Paul, who learns the name of Vanessa's boyfriend at last and threatens Lex, who assures Jean-Paul he only wants Vanessa to be happy. Jan reminds everyone of the Superbowl airing on Sunday and proposes a party.

2011: Julian's plane is delayed indefinitely due to snow and his trip is put off. Dinosaur Bugaloo: Vanessa and Jean-Paul report that there is no connection between a string of mutant disappearances in District X, beyond they were all mutants with no enemies or cause to be attacked; Vanessa announces Bishop has decided they will be spending the next day going through survelliance tapes. Jan posts her doubts about Hank's new coffee maker additions, which include the voice from the computer in the game Portal. Wanda brings a peace offering in the form of alcohol to a late-working Doug, and they talk of mending fences.

2012: Sharon posts about a Super Bowl party and food. Wade texts Kyle about snowboarding with Doug, while Doug posts about his hangover. London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: John King interviews Philip Moreau; the Professor has a quiet meeting with two senior members of the US government regarding their Genoshan problem. David and Wade go out shooting and then share lunch.

2013: Jean visits Kurt with tea and they talk about their lives and romance novels.

2014: Clint posts wondering what everyone's favorite Super Bowl ad was. Tandy posts about the musical at the public high school being Legally Blonde. Tandy texts Sue about shopping.

2015: The news reveals lightning was responsible for a fire that burned down the Greater Brooklyn Chapter of the Friends of Humanity. Wade emails Marie-Ange about the recent events in New York concerning building collapses and lightning strikes; on Marie-Ange’s suggestion, Wade emails Amanda about weather-proofing the office, and Amanda mentions her suspicions regarding what’s causing the ‘accidents’. Warren texts Jean to apologise for being inappropriate. Clarice complains about having to wear an image inducer again. Adrienne mentions the New York incidents and mentions that since there’s no money in it, X-Factor won’t investigate. Bobby complains about getting homework for the first day of school. Adrienne texts Amanda needing help with her temptation to go back on drugs and her grief over Tandy. Angel texts Daredevil asking if he’s going out tonight. Cecilia is confused about where Pizza Dog is getting the snowballs that he’s bringing to her room from. Lorna leaves a pie for Wade to make up for the one she ate and Wade texts her to thank her. Adrienne goads Scott into sparring with her and finally gets him to admit his true reaction to the loss of Jean.

XProject Announcements and News:

Two more new characters on their way - Reed Richards, to be played by Zoila, and Everett Thomas, to be played by Ben! Also, welcome back JJ, who rejoins us after an extended hiatus and will be bringing in a new version of Jonathan Storm!

(Three out of the Fantastic Four. Anyone want to app a mutant version of Ben Grimm? ;) )

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