Are We Ourselves

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Are We Ourselves
Dates run: March 28 - April 10, 2016
Run By: Cai
Read the logs: Are We Ourselves

You have no idea of what's at stake. Or what I'm capable of.

Clint takes his merry band of weirdos to check out some weird goings on in - and things go downhill fast.


Clinton Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Molly Hayes, Everett Thomas, Kyle Gibney, Topaz

Agent James Hendrickson, Phil Coulson

Fixer, Heinrich Zemo


March 28 - April 10, 2016

Plot Summary

Phil Coulson reaches out to Clint for a favor - something weird is going on in Barrow, Alaska. Several people have disappeared, including Clint's former partner, and Phil wants Clint to take his merry band of weirdos and check it out. Clint obliges, recruiting Kyle, Molly, and Natasha, and Molly also suggests taking Topaz along for the ride.

The group heads out, and after a few days of investigating, Kyle fails to return to the safe house one night. When Clint goes to look for Kyle, he realizes he's being followed and calls in back up in the form of Everett. Natasha, Topaz, and Molly go out to look for their missing team members after Clint also fails to return, and head to Barrow Airport, where they find Kyle being mind controlled. Kyle uses a trigger phase to knock out Natasha, leaving Molly and Topaz to take him down. Topaz overloads Kyle's brain with panic to shut down whatever's controlling him while Molly holds him down, and he throws up a bunch of nanites. Everett arrives, Molly and Topaz update him on the situation, and when Kyle wakes up they head out to find Clint.

They encounter Paul Norbert Ebersol and his army of mind-controlled minions, and fights break out across the room. Molly ends up with nanites in her as well and Kyle takes her down, Everett goes after Clint (who's also been taken), and Topaz goes for Norbert, who ends up dead in the struggle. The nanite-controlled people are taken down and the nanites extracted, and the rather beat-up team reassembles for one last pow wow before heading home.

Phil reaches out to Clint again a few days later and gives him Starbucks gift cards for everyone, since he can't pay them real money for their work.

A few weeks later, unbeknownst to anyone, Zemo revives Norbert in a robot body.

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This plot was another step in the establishment of eXcalibur.


Plotrunner: Cai