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| image  = Gwenlw.jpg | 200px
| image  = Gwenlw.jpg | 200px
| character = [[Kitty Pryde]]  
| character = [[Kitty Pryde]]  
| email = [[Image: GwenEmail.PNG| 150 px]]
| email = [[Image: Gwen NewEmail.png| 150 px]]
| pronouns = she/her/hers
| pronouns = she/her/hers
| joined =  [[February 2015]]
| joined =  [[February 2015]]

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Character(s): Kitty Pryde
Email: Gwen NewEmail.png
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Date joined: February 2015


Gwen is returning to online gaming after a multi-year hiatus. A gamer pretty much all her life, Gwen is also a history geek who works at a museum and writes fantasy novels.

She lives with her husband (also a writer and history nerd) and a pack of wild children and felines in Washington state. Also a dog who's smaller than most everything else in the house for now.

Feel free to email her about rp anytime and friend her via all methods you like. She is currently a part-time player due to Life.

AIM: halias@ironangel.net

Twitter: andyoubegin

Journal: halias on LJ

Preferred means of contact: Email or Twitter


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None None None


Feedback - February 2016

Feedback - March 2017

Feedback - January 2018

Gold star 2015.jpg - for updating all her stuff when asked.