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MacTaggart/Kinross Family
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Joe MacTaggart; Nathan Dayspring; Kevin MacTaggart and Rachel Kinross; Billie and Anna Kinross
Affiliations: Moira MacTaggart
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: October 2003

The Kinross/MacTaggarts are the extended family of Moira MacTaggart. The surviving members, Billie and Anna, run a pub on the mainland near Muir Island Research Facility.


First appearance: September 2003 - Moira discloses the existence (and death) of her son, Kevin; October 2004 - Billie and Anna visit New York.

Lord Kinross - deceased
Moira's father, heriditary lord of Muir Island.

PB: None.

Lady Annabell Kinross- deceased
Moira's mother, wife to Lord Kinross. She died early during Moira's childhood.

PB: None.

Moira MacTaggart - nee Kinross (deceased)
Moira icon.jpg
Only daughter of Lord and Lady Kinross and last of the line. She married Joe MacTaggart while young and kept his name after their divorce for professional reasons. She was killed in the Muir invasion in January 2015. For further information, see her character page.

PB: Julianne Moore.

Joe MacTaggart - first husband, divorced
Former abusive husband to Moira MacTaggart, Joe was a prominent politician until his desire for revenge led him to use the DNA of his dead son in a gruesome experiment. He is currently serving jail time, however his business affairs appear to continue. For further information, see his character page.

PB: Peter Riegert

Kevin MacTaggart - deceased
The son of Moira and Joe, Kevin manifested a destructive and maladaptive mutation at birth, driving his mother into the study of mutant genetics in order to find a way to help her son. He spent his short life in isolation, his powers of reality-warping too dangerous for him to be allowed around others - on a whim, he removed Rory Campbell's leg during a routine exam, for example. HIs mutation eventually consumed him and he died at the age of seven; his death destroyed Moira, sending her spiralling into alcoholism.

PB: None.

Nathan Dayspring - second husband (deceased)
A former patient then long-term friend, Moira and Nathan fell in love during their respective tenures at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He was killed in the Muir invasion in January 2015. For further information, see his individual page.

PB: Gerard Butler

Rachel Kinross - daughter
Born August 3, 2005, Rachel was named for Moira's family, preserving the Kinross line. She manifested both telekinetic and telepathic abilities in the womb, making it very clear that she would be a rather remarkable baby. Since her birth, all the relevant psis related to the mansion have had a hand in making sure her development is as problem-free as possible, although the Professor also installed a psychic circuit-breaker to prevent her from developing too quickly. Rachel started to fly at the age of four months, has proven herself to be a terrifyingly apt mimic of anything she sees another psi do, and has a peculiar distaste for squirrels. In June 2012, she was kidnapped from Muir by the Genoshan government and put through the mutate process. The procedure ramped up her powers to the point that she could not sustain herself and she disintegrated before the horrified eyes of various captured Xavierites. Several months later, a 19 year old version of Rachel, calling herself Rachel Kinross-Dayspring and claiming to be from an alternate dimension, was found in Madripoor. She was later confirmed to be this world's Rachel, "resurrected" and aged to adulthood in a pocket of the astral plane.

PB: Stock photo

Billie Kinross
Billie kinross.jpg
Moira's uncle, her father's brother, Billie runs a highly successful pub on the mainland. He adores his neice and considers himself a second father to her.

PB: Billy Connelly

Anna Kinross
Anna kinross.jpg
Billie's only daughter and Moira's cousin, Anna is a cheerful, no-nonsense sort who is perfectly happy helping her father run the pub. She welcomes Moira's various waifs and strays with open arms and plenty of Scottish cooking.

PB: Sharon Small


The Kinross family are an old respected family traditionally the lairds and ladies of Muir Island. Moira MacTaggart is the daughter of the last Lord and Lady Kinross - 'MacTaggart' is the name of her first husband, Joe. Due to professional reasons, she retained that name, even after they divorced. They had one son, Kevin, who died at the age of seven as the result of a maladaptive mutation. His death nearly destroyed Moira and still is something of an open wound. Her remarriage and the birth of her daughter, Rachel Kinross, has done much to ease that burden.

Moira's only surviving relatives are her uncle Billie (her father's brother) and his daughter Anna. They run a pub on the mainland near Muir, and during Moira's tenure at the school, they were frequent visitors. They also provided hospitality to various staff and students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersover the years. Now Moira spends most of her time at Muir, the visits have ended, although the hospitality has not.


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