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Moment of Awesome - The Stepford Cuckoos/Fourteen: Upon discovering a future 'child', Fourteen finally lets Emma Frost know how she feels.

If it had been any other moment, 14 might have been able to maintain her composure. She could have swallowed her anger, schooled her expression, and kept her business to herself. She could have taken in the anger through Sophie, and vented it out through Irma or Celeste or any of the others in the privacy of her room. She could have held her composure, not given away her emotions to the others in the room.

Give them power.

But it wasn't any other moment. It wasn't any other person. And it was like poking an old wound, one that had never been given the chance to properly heal. And 14 lost her self control.

~You can't even say the word, can you? Can you?! It's 'Daughter'. DAUGH. TER. You can't even pretend that you care, can you?~

Emma flinched at the accusation flung at her, at the justified anger that roiled underneath it. She closed her eyes, unable to look at Sophie for a moment. ~I don't have the right,~ she said softly. ~I haven't earned the right to call you... to call any of you my daughter. My daughters.~

~You didn't have to earn it! You just have to be there!~ There was a deep thrum over the psychic line, the mental equivalent of a deep and shaky breath. ~Do you have any idea how hard it is to give up on family? How much it hurts?~ A flower of grief bloomed through her mind.

~Do you even remember that I sent you a Christmas gift for the first three years after you found me? Or was it just another box you tossed in your closet at the end of the day?~

~Every time I tried, I failed. Effort wasted for nothing. I give up. And eventually, I'd try again. Every time, nothing. And it hurt every time.~

~I kept them,~ replied Emma, softly. ~All of them. I couldn’t… I didn’t open them. I didn’t dare. I was so angry. At first. Not at you, at any of you. At what you were proof of. At what someone had done to me to make you. I couldn’t… And then it was too long. Too late. I was… ashamed of what I had done to you. How could you want anything to do with me after what I had done to you? At how badly I had failed you.~ For a moment, Emma’s face distorted with pain and then it smoothed out again. ~I didn’t think you could ever forgive me for that.~

~So you ran,~ 14 sneered, letting her feelings flood through the link. There was a bit of disdain there, but mostly there was an overwhelming sense of hurt and loneliness. ~You didn't know me. You didn't try to know me, but you decided you knew how I felt.~

14 hated how her hands were shaking, across all bodies. Hated how she could tell her anger was being drowned out by her sadness and hurt and all the other emotions that said 'I care. you can hurt me with this.'

~I needed you to at least try. I needed you to be my mother.~

Today in XProject:

December 3rd

2003: Angelo and Paige are caught kissing by Jono. During the fight that ensues, Angelo has a break and reacts as if he was back in the barrio.

2004: Moira has a checkup and discovers that she's pregnant. Nathan finds Betsy in link-shock and tries to offer some advice. Moira gives Nathan her news.

2005: No Way Out: On his return from physio, Tommy is stalked to his room by Kyle, who makes his view on the former-FOHer very clear; words and some blows are exchanged and neither leaves quite satisfied. Clarice comments on the oddity of Jono having his face back. Lost In The Woods: Remy says goodbye to the mansion, with no explanation. Jennie watches Street Fighter, much to her horror. Paige tries to interest Scott in a knitted eyepatch.

2006: Nathan suggests ice climbing as an activity in January. Sam and Crystal train in flight together. Operation: Xorn: The team scrambles to Kazakhstan, where Natasha Romanova has arranged transport to China.

2007: Scott announces Jean-Phillipe's arrival. Operation: Melittology: Mark and Wanda's work reveals there's a suspicious shipment coming in from China; Remy and Sofia track down the money trail through a family contact of Sofia's. Jishin Da! Crystal announces their safe arrival in Japan and Laurie is jetlagged. Monet asks Amanda to research Marius St. Croix and his background. Amanda emails Marie-Ange about her reaction to the news of her cousin arriving and asks Angelo to take care of Kurt's puppy whilst she's in Germany.

2008: The Magnificent Seven: Jennie makes her report; T'Challa tells Nathan that he is going to leave Wakanda for a time to let things settle down; back in the mansion, Nathan complains about having Jean's knowledge left in his head and vice versa; settling Jean in for the night, Scott is amused by evidence their minds are still a bit confused. Jean-Paul feeds an exhausted and grieving Forge. Catseye meets Nori's parents and they are very confused.

2009: Jubilee posts about being made of awesome with a picture. Catseye talks to Ororo about becoming an X-Man trainee; she emails Hank about setting up an appointment with him for the next morning.

2010: The Gift: Amanda and the X-Men track down the Minorus' hiding place but encounter opposition from the Minoru cultists; the ritual continues, with Nico possessed by the First Minoru, Arcana; Julian frees Crystal and an unconscious Dori while Amanda faces down Arcana; Kurt helps protect the Minorus from Arcana and Arcana explains to Amanda that Nico isn't "ready" yet and that she'll return; Amanda uses the Staff of One to cast Arcana out of Nico's body, only to discover that the ritual has triggered Nico's mutation - the ability to drain energy from living things.

2011: Angelo and Sooraya have lunch and catch up. Clarice talks to Scott about returning to the team and the mansion. Tabs texts Cammie about being lost on her way meeting Cammie at a bar. Scott makes breakfast for Jean and only narrowly avoids burning the suite down.

2012: Maddie texts Marie-Ange to talk about the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. Maddie and Sharon discuss holiday volunteering during an encounter at the pool. After training, Doug and Laurie visit a sushi restaurant and meet Kyle and Dori there.

2013: Kyle finds a picture of a turkey, octopus, bacon and crab monstrosity that he and Angel decide they must fight and then eat.

2014: Wade discovers the brilliant idea of eating tacos while using a tortilla as a plate. Wade texts Kyle to find out about the memorial for his mother, only to find out it had already happened. Clint invites Cecilia to christmas dinner at his parents' house.

2015: A cranky Jubilee updates X-Force on things in Busan with her contact after Wade’s personality clash. Haller talks to Maya about her post-traumatic stress and anger issues. Felicia makes an Instagram cross post about her holiday decorations and is “hired” by Clint to work on his and Natasha’s suite (once he’s moved in); Clint texts several friends to help with the actual moving and Billy and Matt agree to help; Natasha asks Clint via text about the journal system. Clint texts Angel to let her know he’s gotten some bad news about some colleagues in SHIELD and asks for a raincheck on their breakfast date. Topaz meets Jean-Paul in the library and while they both like books, they don’t like each other so much.



2018: Alex announces he’s fundraising for presents for the children of the Mutant Underground and asks for donations and help shopping.

2019: Kitty posts that if she could have any superpower she would want the ability to generate pockets and then asks others what would they want.

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