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Moment of Awesome - Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman Despite him being a giant jackass recently, Sue has no compunctions in rescuing Warren Worthington from a succubus.

Stealth was one of those things that you had to work at constantly, every step, every breath, invisibility was just a start, the smallest part of it. Sue had to be careful about where she stood, the slightest noise possibly giving her away, this was nothing like her previous jaunts, this time a life was in danger. The blonde compressed her lips into a tight line as she let the forcefield fade away, leaving her staring up at Warren, "Isn't that just typical, everyone's working and you're just hanging around."

Warren blinked a few times before lifting his head sideways to try to see Sue better. "Sue? What --- is that really you?" At this point, Warren barely trusted his eyes, knowing that he was really just a pod person at this point. "And for your information, now's not the time for quips and shit. Are you here to save me? Because I'd buy you so many ponies if you were..." Had he pissed Sue off too? He couldn't remember. He just naturally assumed that all women hated him right now.

"Dear sweet innocent Warren," The blonde shot the chained man a grin, "you should know the answer to that already, it's always time for quips, you're the one who taught me that." Pursing her lips the young woman glanced over at the others before looking back at the suspended man, taking a step closer to him. "Seriously, when was the last time you had a shower Warren? I mean, if for nothign else you owe me for getting you out of this so you can dunk yourself in a bath."

"Why are you always here when I haven't bathed," he mumbled to himself. With a sigh, he closed his eyes. "I'm sorry, Sue. For everything. I can't even begin to understand why you're here to help me, but ...I'm.......grateful..." Now that was a hard sentence to say. Swallowing thickly, he opened his eyes again. "Help please?"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe Warren Worthington has finally had a moment. The young woman stepped closer to the man, punching him lightly on the shoulder, "You're family, we never leave family behind no matter what they do." Her arms wrapped around the man's waist, pulling him into a hug, "You are going to make this up to everyone you've hurt, deal?"

Today in XProject:

January 20 - Inauguration Day

2004: Manuel and Doug get caught in an emotional feedback loop. Something Wicked: Scott enlists Doug to watch Betsy's body language and see if there are changes.

2005: Amanda and Jubilee talk about Jubilee's dream and make a truce. Amanda announces she's going to speak at the Columbia six-month memorial and Nathan reacts badly. Forge tells Nathan about trying to blow up his school.

2006: Jean tells Nathan about her proposed medical solution to his EM weakness. Wanda and Kurt go dancing and end up being invited to enter a competition.

2007: 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna and Marie go looking for Lorna's sister. Minitooth: During the weekend bus trip, Kyle follows his nose and runs into Sabretooth again, this time nearly being killed.

2008: The Shadow King: Farouk gets an email from an associate regarding a hospice and some undisclosed treatment for his condition; Farouk asks for someone to cover his classes in early February. Amanda messages Angelo, wanting to talk. Lorna emails Jim about her talk with Charles Xavier and feeling guilty.

2009: Walking Ghosts: Angelo talks to Nathan about his error and gets hints of what might be wrong; Adrienne visits with the intention of letting Nathan read her mind about the Manuel incident and winds up acting as his nurse instead. Lil asks Jennie out for lunch. Bishop and Adrienne have their shooting lesson and Adrienne tries to ask about Manuel. Valentia's Lullaby: During a tantrum, Valentia manages to break Manuel's empathic loop, allowing him to shield again. Shiva: On the eve of the inauguration ceremony, David North breaks into Watergate and discovers a failsafe for the Weapon X program and barely escapes with his life after killing another operative, Mastodon. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice declares she's going gay in the wake of the Italy incident. Forge and Crystal attend a Inaugural Ball. Adrienne suggests a movie night for Wednesday. Morgan and Sam go ice skating and are cute. Jean-Paul encounters Jean-Phillipe out of his room and they discuss the possibility of the younger man finding some distance.

2010: Cammie is bored, and convinces Laurie to feed her doughnuts. Warren e-mails Storm about coming back to the X-Men. Clarice and Sam go on a date, and Clarice agrees to help Sam with his survey. Morgan stakes out Jean-Paul's hostel in order to talk to him. Amanda posts to the Snow Valley comm about Jean-Paul and Nico's staff. Morgan and Remy have a conversation about personal and important.

2011: Upset about some family problems, Megan meets Artie in the rec room and ends up talking to him about her sister. Kevin and Laura spend the night watching movies. Janet emails Doug to clarify some matters concerning Kyle. Nico makes a post about being a social recluse. Doreen sends Hank and Jean an email about her interest in taking the SATs. Warren sends Piotr a birthday wish via email. Doug and Angelo settle their differences with a bit of old-fashioned violence.

2012: Vanessa emails Warren to apologize for not staying very long at his birthday drinks. Terry and Angelo run into each other grocery shopping and catch up. Sharon posts about moving back to the mansion and surviving her first week of classes. Jean-Paul texts Warren, also apologising for leaving early. Wade emails Warren about his birthday present, which is a set of knives, offering to show him how to use them. Lorna invites Sharon out shopping.

2013: Matt posts about the colleges he got into and didn't get into. Topaz emails Amanda about the wards that they used on the New Mutants during the Slendermen incident. “John” emails Kurt asking if he ever had a purple cat while he lived at the mansion. Artie visits Molly and they discover they have more things in common than they realized. Yvette and Fred talk about something that happened while they were taking down Christmas decorations; Yvette emails Angel and Sooraya asking for help on what to wear to a first date. Something Slender (and Awful): Billy posts to the kids' journal asking if there is a proper way of saying thank you to people who have rescued you from an alternate reality and if anyone wants to hang out. Billy emails Maddie if he could bring her a Tylenol or something. Hope emails Topaz, Sue and Matt thanking them for helping her yesterday and that she apologizes for her behavior; Hope also emails the Snow Valley team thank them for saving the NM from the Slendermen. Tandy posts about a change in movie plans from classic horror to The Goonies for Sunday night tradition. Billy, Matt and Clint try to think of a non-eggy breakfast and wind up summoning far too many potatoes; Lorna catches Billy smuggling potatoes into the pantry. Maddie pays Sarah V. a visit to see how she's doing, bringing donuts and a plan along with her. Molly tries to cheer up Matt after his college rejection.


2015: Reality Coming Down: Professor X and Emma plan on a strategy to protect the school from the impending danger; Emma, Molly, Tandy and Tyrone defend against their robotic evil selves in the foyer; Gabriel, Miles, Sarah and Johnny defend the stairs against their zombie selves; Sue, Topaz, Hope, and Meggan defend the rear of the school against their evil doppelgangers; Emma’s team are forced to retreat; Sue and Gabriel’s team merge to help relieve some of the pressure on Emma’s team; The teams finish off their evil doppelgangers and try to make sense of what is happening; The New Mutants and Emma are all together when the Dark Phoenix finally reaches the mansion, who buries the teen under the falling debris of the mansion.

The Dark Phoenix: The previously injured regroup in the med lab prepare to set out into the destroyed mansion and help people; North forces Laurie to keep moving despite her unwillingness; the team from India returns to find the mansion in ruins and set out to help; the first group from the med lab find the Dark Phoenix, and are forced into a holding pattern; the second med lab group sets out to rescue people out of the rubble; people regroup in an attempt to find a strategy and stop Dark Phoenix; Dark Phoenix lashes out telekinetically, only to be shut down by Cecilia, Amanda, and Billy, who provide cover; Wanda and Strange grab Doug and North, using them to channel energy and try to hold reality together; the first team moves in to try and take out Dark Phoenix’s shield, but the telekinetic backlash takes several of them out; another team goes hunting for survivors, and Callisto is killed; Dark Phoenix continues her hunt, injuring Jubilee and killing Miles; Paige, trying to defend Tandy, Ty, and Molly, about to die, is visited by Brunhilde, and tries to convince her to save the kids; Clarice, Sooraya, Pixie, and Artie try to help Topaz, Johnny, and Hope back to the Blackbird, only to be attacked by a group of alters; a group tries release Jean from her powers suppressor, intent on using it on Dark Phoenix; a group of semi-invulnerables try to go against Dark Phoenix, but to no avail; Charles takes all the safeties off Cerebro to prepare for his own last stand; Emma and Haller work together on a psychic defense; the force field goes down, and Billy is killed; the psionic defense meets Dark Phoenix, who lashes out and kills Sarah V and Lorna, and Charles goes down; a group gets the power suppressor on Dark Phoenix, but it fails; the psionic defense finally fails; Jean confronts the Dark Phoenix and is overwhelmed; Wanda’s attempts to keep reality together fail, and the power overload kills her and Strange; Jean rallies against Dark Phoenix, finally destroying her; the survivors find themselves facing the end of the world and Xorn, who tells them he will piece together a new world for them to live in; they later wake up on the mansion grounds in the new universe.

2016: Amanda leaves a wreath of English Ivy, Scarlet Poppies, Pink Sweet Peas, and Potato Vine Flowers at the M-Day memorial. Cecilia posts to the journals expressing her disbelief that it’s already been a year since M-Day and inviting anyone who wants to join her and her dog watching movies and eating junk food on the couch.

2017: Maya decides art museums and dance are the best way to cope with Inauguration Day. With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil and Spider-Man investigate the apartment of one of the victims and are surprised by a detective, who surprisingly turns out to be an ally; Miles discovers a ninja star at the scene.

2018: Tandy makes a journal entry about potentially graduating early, and how her work on the local food bank is coming along.

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Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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  • Sins of the Father: What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and Topaz is unknowingly at the center of it all.

  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

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