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Moment of Awesome - Everett Thomas/Synch: Guarding a portal entrance, Ev and Molly Hayes reach an unsettling conclusion about the magic's half-life.

Molly had circled the portal about eight times, played Candy Crush on her phone, and counted sixteen birds as she and Ev waited for the others (or anything else) to come back. Picking up the silver box that the key was in, she looked it over for the fourth time, studying the markings.

"Is it too much to hope for like… a troll or something? This is boring."

Ev grinned at her. "This is honestly the best-case scenario right now, Agent Hayes. Hopefully it means they're having some success on their side. At the very least, better to be bored than hurt — or worse."

Molly made a face at Ev's optimistic outlook. "I'm totally happy they're okay but… I haven't been on a mission in like… forever. I was kinda hoping to fight something," she said with a shrug, then glanced down at the box.

Ev cocked his head at the box she was holding. "Discern anything new and fun about that yet?"

"There's something about it. It's kinda bugging me. I can't put my finger on it, though."

"Bugging you how?" He leaned over to get a better look at the box, though he knew he had nothing to offer himself. "Does it remind you of something?"

Molly squinted. "Yeah, actually. It… looks a lot like some of tech I saw in Asgard," she said, pulling out a pair of enhancement goggles from her bag to put on. "It's not as advanced, but… it could be used to funnel magic without needing a human or mutant spellcaster. Like a regulator."

Ev raised an eyebrow. "Way above my paygrade. Where would the power come from, if there's no proper spellcaster? It would have to pull it in from somewhere, and I'm no mage, but I do know there's typically not enough abundant magic energy to do that."

Molly lowered the box, turning it over in her hands. "No, there's not," she said thoughtfully, the wheels in her mind turning. Her experience with being cursed made her more interested in researching magic, so she'd spent a lot of time brushing up on it a little… just in case.

"There's got to be a something that keeps the portal open. It's the same with the Asgardian tech. The portal probably runs on a limited supply, so the key — or the key and the box — would keep track of that. Whenever the magic runs out, the box won't have anything to regulate." Molly stared up at the portal with dawning realization.

"And they'll get stuck," Ev concluded.

Molly turned toward him, then pulled out her communicator. "Hey, uh guys — ack!" The communicator made a loud, screeching noise. "The magic might be interfering with the comms. We gotta tell 'em," Molly said. "Are you okay with staying here? I can go tell 'em. If things go pear shaped you're more… authorized to call people in and stuff with your Agentness."

Ev had come to that realization just as she did. Bad enough to venture through a mystery door, even worse to be trapped forever without notice, like the world's worst game of musical chairs. He almost asked her why she was still standing there. "Yes, go! I've got this covered."

Molly gave Ev a salute, sprinting through the portal. "Catch you on the flipside, Agent Thomas!" Hopefully she could get to the others in time to warn them before it was too late.

Today in XProject:

September 21

2003: Hurricane Isabel: The hurricane hits and the school turns out to help. A wall falls on one of Jamie's dupes and kills him.

2004: Amanda finds her way into Angelo’s dreams and witnesses him being forced to kill someone from his gang. When she wakes up, Manuel uses his powers to show her exactly how he sees her. Scott goes to get a check-up from Madelyn, and Nathan manages to set Haroun on fire during an obstacle course. Clarice tries to badger Jay into going to the HeliX ball but fails.

2005: Jean and Manuel have a mild confrontation in the rose garden. Alison checks up on how Bobby's dealing with Tommy's presence.

2006: Bleeding: Kurt and Ororo arrive at the hotel room where Jennie, Marius and Manuel have been staying, but they don't expect to find a catatonic girl instead; Storm finds Marius in a bar and tries to convince him to come with her, it doesn't go to plan; Marius ends up teleporting back to Jennie and Manuel and convinces them to leave; back at the bar, Storm finds the patrons going nuts and has to resort to powers to get out; Nightcrawler and Rogue find that Storm isn't the only one under attack before at the club; Rahne and Wanda are on Jennie and Marius' trail but unfortunately Wanda has to deal with the luck backlash; when Jennie stops running, Manuel has to save the day and pays the price; when the rest of the team arrives, Marius isn't far behind and thinks the worst, attacking the X-Men until Nightcrawler has to take him out; later, Marie realizes that Kurt is very affected by what he had to do; Wanda and Rahne get the information about the teenagers' conditions and Ororo and Marie find that they have a new student to take home.

2007: Wanda confronts Nathan about Tara Trask and a compromise is achieved. Family Portrait - Zach arrives at the mansion to offer his help in curing Gail.

2008: Laurie posts her disapproval of drinking and is told she's being repetitive. Tabitha organises a breakfast run and texts Doug to be sure it's okay to join him and Marie-Ange. Catseye talks about her Saturday in the city and her brother's new girlfriend. Jubilee is mellow. Nori emails Jennie about her moving out of the suite. Amanda and Jennie fight on Laurie's journal and Manuel emails Amanda afterwards, requesting she come give him a break from the mansion's tensions and they wind up at a restaurant together; Jean-Phillipe is amused by the whole thing; Marius emails Forge and is confused about the sudden insanity; Morgan emails Laurie and offers roommate advice. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane is confused about the previous day's encounter. Karolina announces her absence for the evening and the next day; Garrison posts to the staff comm about her post. Scott and Jean escape to Harry's.

2009: Yvette approaches Ororo about a desire to start X-Men training and the team leader agrees that Yvette is ready to join the team. Operation: Man of Stone: Remy meets Zakharov to let him know his compound is gone and that X-Force is going to end him for breaking Remy's rules. Amanda texts Angelo asking to meet him so they can talk. At their meeting, they agree that they are not being successful as a couple and decide to stay friends instead.

2010: Vanessa and Jean meet to discuss the events of the night before. Jan points out the next day is the last day of summer.

2011: Kyle's student loans are mysteriously paid off. Wade admits possible responsibility for this in an email.

2012: Johnny posts to the journal’s that Kyle is the boss and is prettier than him, as well as winning their competition. Lorna informs the mansion that there are Nutella filled donuts left over from cooking class if anyone wants them and makes plans to make more with Molly after dinner. Scott asks Lorna to help him make a chocolate dessert for Jean so he can help her relax while watching over Garrison for a while. Jubilee posts Kelis’ Milkshake video and blames Kyle. Matt takes Hope roller-skating in an attempt to cheer her up.

2013: Laurie asks Doug out and confuses the hell out of him. Someone sabotages Doug’s laptop so it sings “You Are My Sunshine.” In the X-Corps office, Angelo finds Tabitha strangely defensive when he asks her about trying new work.

2014: Higher Than Hope: Xavier contacts the X-Men about Hope and Laurie failing to return from Michigan; Hope is convinced to stay after being told she would be helping save a country; Laurie is given biochemical research to do by the kidnappers and is told if she complies she and Hope will be released; Doug posts to Snow Valley about Hope and Laurie’s disappearance; Doug emails Wade about help finding Hope and Laurie and killing Telford Porter; Garrison, Adrienne and Kyle arrive in Michigan to investigate the girls’ disappearance. Angel texts Julian about her hangover from the party the night before. Party Night 2: Tandy and Julian meet and discuss Fate and the limelight before dancing together. Megan asks Artie out for coffee. Gabriel emails Julian to thank him for hosting the party and to ask after the whereabouts of some lost clothing items.

2015: Laurie asks Clint for some archery practice and finds he’s in the city. Laurie announces she has made ginger kiss cookies for everyone as a distraction from her healing. As per their bet, Garrison takes out an ad in the Daily Bugle admitting the Jays suck. Lorna and Alex leave for California; Alex makes an Instagram cross post from the road while heading back to Cali.

2016: Everett emails Sooraya to ask how the training is going. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Cara helps Darcy to get to a major lobbyist; Darcy undoes the damage to Delegate Hooper caused by Garrulous.

2017: Psi War: To cleanse the astral plane, Amanda calls on Wanda, Illyana, and Stephen to recreate the grand spell she cast nearly a decade ago; Quentin tries to get uncomfortably close to Jean, but reveals he is hosting the Shadow King when the ritual ends, with the Shadow King racing to the X-Force offices in order to kill the magic users. Jean arrives shortly after and there is a battle involving her, Haller and Amanda while Wanda gets the students to safety; confronted with a terrifying choice as Jean offers herself as a sacrifice to the Shadow King, Quentin is forced to make the ultimate decision; Wanda emails Doug and Marie-Ange asking for them to come to the site of Quentin’s sacrifice with a container.


2019: Jean celebrates "Happy Earth, Wind and Fire Day" by posting a video of September.

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  • Operation: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: X-Force gets involved in another of Kevin Sydney's old CIA cases - the hunt for the Sugar Man, and the woman who wants him - and Kevin - dead.

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