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Moment of Awesome - Alex Summers/Havok: As part of a missing persons case, Alex and Hope Abbott discover a connection between the Church of Humanity and the murder of two Mutant Underground volunteers.

The door was locked. Shaking her head, Hope reached for the small leather kit she always wore with her when doing field work and removed two slender lock picks. Footsteps behind her made her pause and she turned to greet Alex. "Hey, what have we found so far?"

"A collection bowl with way too much money. I say we take it and donate it to a pro-mutant charity or the underground or something." Alex's hands were in his pockets, eyes moving this way and that and trying not to think about the scene they had left downstairs. "What's this?"

"I suspect it's the priest's study. All the other doors I have come across are unlocked." Hope turned back and crouched down to get at the lock. Staying strictly focused on the task at hand was the best thing she could do now. Strictly locking away the memories till she was alone at home and could try to deal with it. "Not a very sophisticated lock though." She commented as she rose a few minutes later and pushed open the door.

"Not a very sophisticated group," was Alex's dry answer as he leaned over and peeked in just to make sure there was nothing waiting to stab them or something. He might've preferred the stabbing when he saw the pictures on the wall. Mutants in various states of being hurt and tortured and "exorcised" and...

"Son of a bitch."

Hope let out a low hiss as she took in the pictures, careful not to look too closely at the details. "What the hell have we found?" She muttered in a low voice as she moved closer to the ones of the wall. "I wonder how many disappearances and even murders are going to be explained by this."

Alex had his phone out, taking pictures and sending them back to XFI. He didn't want to take any evidence that might help put these bastards in jail. If the police even bothered. He paused on a particular picture. "Well, we just solved one murder." He took the frame off the wall, holding it out to Hope. "Look familiar?"

She accepted the picture and had to swallow at the starkness of it. Two bodies dangling... their faces an expression of pain and fear... "Wasn't this a few years back? I think Quentin was involved... and we tried to find who did it?" Hope had to carefully pitch her voice low to keep it steady.

"And we didn't." Alex shook his head. "This place didn't even exist yet, did it?"

"Not from what our research showed..." Hope frowned as she recalled the information they had gathered. "But that doesn't mean some of the people or even a precursor of the group weren't around either."

"They better hope they end up in jail." Alex took a picture of the photo. One case closed. "Stone walls and metal bars might be the only thing that stops Q from shredding their minds. And I'm not even sure those will help."

Today in XProject:

November 28


2004: Dr. Stephen Strange comes to do a cleansing ritual with Amanda. Unwell: Marie-Ange escapes medlab and takes shelter in the boathouse; Remy is the only person she doesn't see a future for.

2005: Skeleton Coast: News of Domino's abduction results in Pete, Alison, Cain and Nathan going to Africa to rescue her from Gideon. Lost In The Woods: Kurt seeks out Amanda and they establish that Meggan should return to the caravan. No Way Out: Tommy is released from medlab into a room of his own; he and Jean visit the park where he manifested and he learns the mansion is his only haven when they run into some of his old friends; Jean warns several students that Tommy will be living in the mansion proper; Bobby is insecure about Terry and Tommy's former relationship.

2006: X-Men Mission: The Rose: A telepathy-enhancing artifact is stolen from the monastery Jean is at by Mystique; Jean calls the X-Men to assist and they discover Mystique was stopped by Chinese guards and the artifact taken into custody; Logan and Marie retrieve the artifact whilst Jean and Scott intercept Mystique, trying to take it back; they knock her unconscious and return the Rose to the monks, leaving Mystique for the Chinese army; Jean decides to come back with the X-Men to the mansion. Wendy: Ororo and Remy discuss what happened between them during the race and agree that it was a one-time thing; Logan and Remy discuss the Hand's involvement; Remy heads to France to recuperate. Nathan slips with his TK after a frustrating meeting and worries Angelo when they discuss Nate using his telepathy more offensively. Amanda plots kidnapping Wanda to get her away from the office. Crystal emails several people about Medusa being ill. Julio and Mondo bond over wrestling tapes. Betsy gets very drunk and calls Haller, who comes to find her and take her home.

2007: Farouk wonders where his assistant has gone; Amanda emails Mark about him looking extra pleased with himself and discovers his liaison with Esteban; Remy, Marie-Ange and Doug wonder about Mark's change of wardrobe and general demeanour. Forge asks about parentage. Garrison emails Marie from Canada about his uncertain status and about going to Japan for the conference. Medusa comes to New York for a visit and talks to Nathan about doing work with Elpis again; Medusa has lunch with Mark and shares news and gossip.

2008: Kyle is happy with the results of the deep-fried turkey and leftovers. The Magnificent Seven: Nathan, Emma, Adrienne and Manuel attend the Hellfire Club fundraiser and intercept the information; Adrienne 'reads' the courier's watch and Nathan is stunned to find the watch was given to the courier by his mother. A sleepless Angelo and Joyita come across Jean-Paul taking a late-night swim.

2009: Stage of Illusions: Yvette confronts Julian about his attitude about Nick; Julian's frustration with Nick getting the lead role boils over during rehearsals and Kurt has to step in; Kurt has an odd encounter with Regan Claremont as he leaves the theatre. Adrienne and Garrison go to a charity art exhibition together.

2010: Yvette visits a sulking Jared and manages to help him start thinking about his situation a bit more constructively. There Will Be Peace: Julian requests a meeting with McPhearson so that Jan can hide herself on his person and attempt to find out where his family is being held; Beast posts a call up to the x_team community for a mission to Los Angeles.

2011: Garrison flies to Attilan to escort Sooraya safely back to the mansion. After Artie gets caught trespassing, Wade and Sam move out to pick him up from the police station, very early in the morning. Scott speaks to Artie about his adventure. Warren and Jean play hookey for the afternoon in New York.

2012: Light in the Darkness:Scott texts Adrienne letting her know that Tandy has been kidnapped by her father and he was the one responsible for her mother's and stepfather's deaths; Kane updates the team stating that SHIELD intel has found credit card receipts and that FBI has been assigned to the case since it crossed state lines and that Tandy is probably in Mississippi as that is where Nathan's last assignment was located; Kane texts Scott saying that he has landed in Mississippi but there is no sign of Tandy or her father there at the compound; Hope posts asking if anyone has seen Tandy. Jessie posts that she is bored and asks for someone to entertain her. Johnny almost drops a tree on Sooraya and the two chat.


2014: Impossible Odds: KVUE Local News in Austin, Texas announces Arthur Centino foiling an armed robbery. Julian and Tandy kiss and make up.

2015: Gabriel and Maya have a conversation, no one gets punched or runs away. Warren texts Jean to say he’s drunk and she should join him at the club he’s at, she refuses. Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know that he hates flying with a passion.

2016: Angel is excited about Donutula’s holiday-themed donuts.

2017: Jean-Phillipe alerts Marie-Ange to the Miss Universe pagent and their traditional wine and snark night.



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