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MoA MarvelGirl2.png
Moment of Awesome - Jean Grey/Phoenix: In the aftermath of taking down the Hellord, Jean lets Garrison Kane know just how much his actions hurt.

Jean stared back at him, narrowing her eyes. "Do you think I want to make all of you stay here? You were flayed alive. Your skin just grew back. My apologies for wanting to do my job in making sure you heal properly," she said.

All of them liked to fight her like they were damn children after horrendous injury when she wanted them to stay a little longer to make sure they were okay.

At least she told them the truth and didn't join up with an anti-human terrorist group to accomplish her goals.

"Know what...half a day's fine."

"Thank you." He saw the anger, but healing wasn't always about physical health.

Jean said nothing, pulling out her tablet to take some notes. "I need to check your vitals."

"Whatever you need. I think most of my vitals have grown back by now." It was a lame joke, but at least an attempt to lighten the mood a little.

The result was just Jean staring at him as she grabbed a cuff to measure blood pressure, wrapping it around his arm and squeezing the pump to inflate.

"118 over 79," she said once the cuff had inflated properly, writing the information down with her stylus before crossing the room.

"People almost died, you know," she said.

"Is this when you want to have the talk?" Kane said, giving her a sideways look. "Because you're right. People almost died. But you're missing the rest of the statement, which is the whole point of being an X-Man. People almost died in order to stop something far worse from happening to a lot more innocent people."

Jean spun around on her heel, a spark of fire in her eyes that quickly disappeared. "That is not the goddamn point, Garrison! It's what you tell yourself to justify your actions," she said, stabbing the air with her finger.

"It just happened to work out this time. You didn't even ask us for help. You took things into your own hands and went to the enemy. And if Magneto turned on you and killed would have died alone. And innocent people might have died anyway. Do you have any idea what happened while you were gone? Or wait...did Amanda tell you? Because apparently the two of you know better than anyone else. I am sorry this happened to you but that is not the point of being an X-Man."

"You know, I wish I knew everything. Especially without asking. It makes life so much easier and judgements... fuck, judgements get real simple when you get to decide how things went down on your own." Kane said, but there was no anger in his voice. No real fight even. Just a flat, almost mechanical response.

"Get your vitals, Doctor. I'll be here for the next half day. After that, maybe you'll want the whole story or maybe you won't. But after that, you don't have to have anything else to do with me."

Jean narrowed her eyes. "Really? If someone else were in your position and had pulled that same crap without telling you, you would be just as pissed as I am. How can I not 'judge you' based on what I had to deal with? Do you know how fun it is to try to put Kyle's skull back together? Spoiler...It's not. I tried to ask you what was going on, remember? But then I still went. Because I trusted you. Because of what we'd been through. So don't give me that...'you'll want to know the whole story, or maybe you won't' shit. Of course I do."

Today in XProject:

July 4 - Fourth of July

2003: Fourth of July barbeque. Crimson Dawn: Betsy has a follow-up appointment with Essex and he outlines his plan to restore her sight. She also finds out more about his personal history than she perhaps wanted.

2004: Fourth of July fireworks at the Madrox farm. Moira takes a group to see the fireworks in New York.

2005: Nathan has a precog dream about too many keys and not enough locks. The next day, he returns to the mansion and has a pointed talk with Madelyn. Madelyn becomes the main school doctor, for various reasons, and Carlie goes home. Terry organises a watergun battle in the rain.

2006: Kick It Up: Shiro goes to the city and discovers how sick his friend Yoshi is; he obtains some Kick. Forge and Scott do a drag-race, which Scott easily wins. The Rictor Effect: Nathan arrives in Mexico to find that Julio's been kidnapped, and he calls for backup; Terry and Kevin hang out at the 4th of July BBQ and notice all the X-Men being called out; Haller and Scott discuss the former's trepidation about wearing the uniform for the first time and Scott and Jean later have a moment on the beach in San Diego while the others are playing cards in the Blackbird on a break from searching for Julio.

2007: Fourth of July BBQ.

2008: Pete wishes everyone a happy Independence Day in his own special way. Bhagavad Gita: Tommy, Paige and Adrienne work together to find, decontaminate and 'read' pieces of the bomber's clothing to uncover what happened; the US Ambassador to the UN, William Bastion, is fired after an unauthorised speech concerning mutant terrorism. Amanda posts regarding a weakness in the walls between dimensions caused by the Shadow King incident.

2009: Forge emails Fred about using discretion when buying alcohol and cigarettes under-age. Lil and Jean-Paul catch up and he thanks her for reading to him, something she denies doing. Fourth of July BBQ and pool party; Johnny catches up with Dori, who has been spending a lot of time outside.

2010: Jan asks about people's plans for the Fourth. Grounded by fireworks, Jean-Paul texts Vanessa about her plans for the night. Megan asks Kurt about tracking down her sister and trying for a reconciliation.

2011: Remy makes a post to Snow Valley thanking them for rescuing him, then updating them on his period of captivity and interrogation. Callie texts Amara after hearing about what happened at the mansion. Yvette stops by to see Sarah V. after what happened and they have a talk about that and other things. Jubilee posts about her nightmares and having problems sleeping.

2012: At the 4th of July baseball game, Garrison tries to nurse Adrienne through some pitching troubles in the bottom of the second inning. Maddie finally has a proper introduction with Amanda. Wade makes a journal entry wishing everyone a Happy Fourth; Lorna thanks everyone that helped and everyone for showing up; Matt posts about how he hit the baseball and scored and wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day; Kurt delivers Cammie some barbeque at her apartment.

2013: Kyle suggests celebrating the 4th of July by filling Jubilee up with sugar and letting her perform. Frank visits Topaz in the Box, angry about her taking his emotions, and the talk isn’t as effective as hoped. Maddie makes her own 4th of July post, with art.

2014: Jubilee announces her plans for the 4th of July BBQ. Clint talks to Scott about becoming an X-Man trainee; Scott announces Clint’s traineeship on x_team and the naming thread begins. Jean posts this video explaining the immune system]. Wade texts Cecilia about a dildo hanging from someone’s rear-view mirror that he saw on an ice-cream run.

2015: Wade commiserates with Gabriel over his inability to get to sleep because of work. Wade wishes the mansion happy Independence Day. Cecilia and Wade spend the afternoon hanging out trying to decide what to do. Tabitha comments on how much she enjoyed 4th of July at the mansion. Jean also posts saying how good the burgers were. Matt texts Clint telling him that he had slept with his best friend again but was feeling bad about lying to him about being a mutant.

2016: Natasha emails Clint about Shark Week. Jubilee invites everyone to come watch a firework and lightshow by herself and Alison.

2017: Topaz is grumpy about Independence Day. Laurie is grumpy about Independence Day in the ER.

2018: X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: Angel asks the teams if they want to do a stakeout with her; shortly afterwards, there’s media reports regarding multiple attacks on hospitals; Clarice lets the teams know that Sooraya had a run-in with Toad and is suffering from moderate asphyxiation.

2019: Fear in the Dark: A break finally arrives as Daniel Drumm turns up unexpectedly, complete with a large book and some answers to the questions about the hammers that have been plaguing the mansion.

2020: Tandy posts about enjoying the fireworks but not the sounds they make.

2021: Gabriel invites everyone to a BBQ . Coming to America: Wolverine asks for volunteers for a trip to Madripoor, Logan meets with an informant in Madripoor, Darcy and Sooraya scour the warehouse district for lost kids, meanwhile, Kyle finds the leader of the gang, Kyle and America find Logan and Jean; Information is exchanged, Logan, Jean, Clarice and Jean-Phillipe fight thugs, Kyle and America talk about the Xavier Institute.

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  • Operation: Black Hand. When Sarah Rushman's family is targeted, X-Force investigates what appears to be an attempt to take over the family holdings.

  • Operation: Kefauver. The gang war heats up and X-Force discovers the truth in the death of Felicia Hardy's father.

  • Operation: Apalachin. With the Maggia warring within, X-Force uses the chaos to take out several threats at once.

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