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Moment of Awesome - Clarice Ferguson/Blink : During the X-Men's battle against the brainwashed Avengers, Blink and Bruiser take on Thor.

Porting herself away and then sneaking up behind Thor, Clarice grabbed him, trying to hold the demi-god so he couldn't call more thunder. "That's Ms. Miscreant, to you!" she grumbled, unable to really hold him despite the training. He was too big and strong. But who the hell talked like he did anyways!?

Thor reached up, plucking Blink from his back and slamming her down into the concrete roof. She was able to teleport away just before impact, but the velocity was enough that she emerged from her portal in a long arc, hitting hard as she landed.

"Do not make this worse for yourselves."

"Blink!" Molly's eyes widened, and she yanked herself up off the ground. Clenching her fists, her eyes flashed purple as she reared up and threw a haymaker at Thor's jaw with the force she reserved for punching like...well, Asgardians. "Sorry, but we gotta. You gotta snap out of it!"

Thor felt his jaw for a moment. "Fractional human, you honour yourself with that blow. Consider this to be my acknowledgement." He swept out with his hammer, catching her in the midsection and sending her sprawling.

Pain exploded as she hit the concrete. Teleporting from space had proven that it wasn't the fall that killed people, but the sudden stop at the end. Apparently today she was going to get the refresher course. Pulling herself up, Clarice decided she hated fighting demi-gods. Even nice ones were too much. Opening another portal, she sent Thor away, though not too far, she needed him to stop or at least, be distracted, not end up on the other side of the world and cause more havoc. There. Let him come back from that.

Molly was a little winded as she ran over to check on Clarice.

"Dude, you okay?" she said, reaching her hand out to help her up. "Sorry about the mini splat. I didn't think he'd hit you with his hammer! I mean, I heard Thor can be a jerk sometimes but this is grade A badness," she said. She paused. "Where'd you send him, anyway?"

"A couple miles thataway," Clarice cocked a thumb in the correct general direction, "It's not enough to stop him, but....maybe he'll calm down? I really don't want to create an international incident sending him to Timbuktu or something," which she had absolutely done before.

Molly made a face. "Yeah, that would suck. Something's really weird with him. He's not normally that grumpy," she said. Their little part of the battle seemed pretty quiet at that moment. She could hear the fighting going on the background, the occasional boom and hiss of a laser and a smash-o-crash. She slipped her hands into her pockets (yeah, her costume had pockets!). "So uh...should we go punch other people now?"

"Probably," Clarice agreed, reaching out to teleport them both back closer to the action.

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November 20


2004: Haroun goes to England with Wanda without telling Alison. Clarice and Terry have an unpleasant encounter in the mall. Angelo argues with Jubilee about Amanda.

2005: Wolf-Marius brings a sick Jennie lunch and she almost drops a door on him.

2006: A discussion on Doug's journal turns embarrassing and he gets upset; Amanda literally drags him out for curry and finds out he still loves Marie-Ange. Xavier invites the next generation of students to join Red X. Yvette comes back to the school. Nathan and Kurt discuss changes in life direction. Angel falls off the roof and discovers a new aspect to her powers. Logan and Sarah spar, and she finds him to her taste in trainers. Wendy: The teams are watched by an avid audience; Remy and Ororo get information on the next target but when they collect him the half-way house he lived in is blown up by the Hand. Lorna goes to Hawaii. Nathan is locked out of his office. Voices Carry: Haller makes arrangements for he and Terry to go visit Miriam Cross.

2007: Laurie buys a lot of folk jewelry and realizes she might have been ripped off. Monet does rehabilitative training with Cain.

2008: Mechanisms of Revenge: Garrison announces he's driving back to New York with Pete and asks if anyone wants a lift; Forge registers multiple panic buttons hit and a team is scrambled; Adrienne and Kyle assist the FBI, Adrienne's powers revealing Garrison, Pete, Jay and Dani were all critically injured in an attack by Sabretooth and other unknown mutants; Adrienne posts to the journals about the incident and then drugs herself into unconsciousness; Doug lets Wanda, Amanda and Marie-Ange know what happened and then emails Remy asking what is to be done; Remy rallies the Snow Valley team, recalling them to their offices and setting them to work; Marie asks Angelo to keep her company; Charles posts to the staff comms about communications with students' parents; Laurie offers to take comms, Morgan texts Adrienne to see if she wants company, which she does; Morgan announces she'll be staying until something is resolved and asks the staff comm what's to be done; Amanda calls Adrienne to get the details she wouldn't tell Doug; Marie-Ange leaves a message for Jean-Phillipe, telling him to call her or talk to Mark about things; Jean-Phillipe promises Mark he had nothing to do with the attack; after passing on Adrienne's information and making sure Adrienne has someone watching her, Amanda's reaction blacks out Granada for several hours; Wanda goes about dealing in her own, violent way and later the two decide to remain in Europe to track down the Brotherhood; Terry checks on Adrienne and emails Bobby; Emma asks Bishop to find Wisdom; Jean-Paul comforts Nathan. Callie asks Karolina to join herself and her friends for Thanksgiving. Laurie and Doug return to the dojo; Doug gets a lecture from Master Lee; Laurie gets flirty.

2009: Charles Xavier enters Fred's mind in order to talk to him about his condition. Amanda posts about a mystery date. Stage of Illusions: Kurt posts about putting on another play. Warren meets Amanda for dinner and catching up. Wanda leaves a text message to Snow Valley about her illness. Marie-Ange posts about Wanda and the situation. Doug later posts an update on Wanda's condition. Adrienne and Morgan talk about Gambit and about Adrienne's relationship with Garrison. Morgan drops in on Lex and finds a way to help him relax.

2010: Jean-Paul sends Jean-Phillippe a text message regarding the kiss between Jean-Phillipe and Jared. Kevin makes a complaint about being unable to understand what his lawyer is saying half the time and gets the help of Warren and Angelo. Kevin sends Warren an email about Jared. Jan sends an email to Jared regarding his recent conversation with Kyle. Ororo and Remy spend some time in New Orleans as a break.

2011: Sarah V. lets the journals know she's going home for Thanksgiving. Catseye meets Molly on the grounds and Molly is enraptured by her cat forms. Angelo and Fred have lunch, and Angelo has some advice for Fred.

2012: Jubilee posts talking about how she forgot her birthday three days earlier, and only remembered because of Kurt. Katabasis - Scott posts to x_team announcing that the Nasty Boys have been seen in Budapest.

2013: Marie-Ange is confused - and amused - by a burger-themed tarot card left stuck to her door. Catseye is revealed to be behind the card, and announces that her restaurant will be opening soon and needs staff.

2014: Rogue and Logan have a long overdue reunion, and both talk way more than they usually do. In a safe house, Jubilee makes breakfast for dinner for North.

2015: X-Men Mission: Riding the Nightmare: Scott posts to the X-Men journal to let them know they’re back safely in the mansion and Tildie Soames is in the medlab for now. The Hedgehog and The Fox: Clint e-mails Wanda asking for help digging up information regarding what went down in Copenhagen. Clint e-mails Natasha for intel on some possibly Russian stuff. Jean-Paul and Cecilia meet while running on the grounds. Clea makes a journal entry about accidentally making some drawings come to life. Cecilia texts Jean-Paul to remind him he never finished his Lithuanian figure skater story.

2016: Maya posts about Hamlet. Jubilee searches for God.

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October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

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