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Moment of Awesome - Jubilation Lee/Jubilee : On a stakeout, Jubilee finally pins down future sister-in-law Amanda Sefton about her reaction to her engagement to Kurt.

“What do you know about your brother?” Jubilee asked, turning her eyes back to the screen and picking up her pen again. “Like, what’s the first thing you think of when you think about him?”

It wasn’t that she wasn’t affected by Amanda’s words, but given the amount of training she’d received from both Remy and the guilds, she’d learnt to contain some of her more flamboyant responses. It certainly led to less misunderstandings, and less running battles in the long run. That and a genuine respect for the consequences of her own actions, at least in regards to people she worked with and spent time around meant that she could meet this conversation with a certain degree of restraint that would have been unthinkable even as late as a year ago.

Everything had changed when the universes fell and they needed to patch things together again, including Jubilee’s need for chaos and excitement.

"He's good," Amanda replied instantly. "Kind, loyal, sweet... and sometimes, a little too much so for his own good. He gets hurt easy. What's the phrase? 'A precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world'." She shrugged a little at Jubilee's response to the meme. "There's a lot of wanna-be witches on Tumblr, as well as the real thing. I pick stuff up."

“Do you remember when Nate was an X-man, back in the day?” Jubilee asked, not being able to help the smile at Amanda’s description of Kurt, he was definitely all those things, but he was also strong as well, more than capable of taking care of himself. “Would you say that being an X-man is a pretty hazardous job?”

"Nate also had a hero complex and specialised in putting himself in harm's way even when he didn't need to," Amanda pointed out. "Not to mention a habit of getting knocked on the head. Kurt's smarter than that, if that's what you're getting at. I know none of us is immortal, especially after... you know. But you have to admit our job doesn't exactly lead to a retirement in the country with the grandkids."

“Remy was always fond of telling me I’d die on the job,” Jubilee admitted with a shrug, writing down another note. “But since when has that meant not having a life? Remy married ‘Ro, didn’t he?”

"And they both died. Nate and Moira died. Jean died, and left Scott dealing with another whole different version of her." Amanda sighed. "And why do you have to get married? Can't you have a life without that bit of paper?"

“Dude, if it’s just a bit of paper, why are you so against it?” Jubilee noted, giving her a look. “Do you really think Kurt’s going to be fine with me biting it just because I don’t have his ring on my finger when it happens? Or have you been hoping he’d come to his senses and see what a waste of time I was?”

Now she was angry, and really, wasn’t that the point? She’d been trying to be reasonable, to be mature about this conversation, prove something to herself maybe. But she’d be damned if she was going to sit here and let someone dictate her life because they didn’t think she was good enough.

“It’s fine when I’m just his bit of somethingsomething on the side, he’ll get sick of me eventually and then you can go back to setting him on that pedestal, the amazing big brother who’s too perfect for this world. Well, guess what, he thinks I’m worth it. Every single fucking time I’ve told him he should find someone else, he’s still here. So I’m marrying him, because he’s worth it, because he deserves to feel like he matters enough to me to do it.”

"It's not what the bit of paper means to me, it's what it means to him," Amanda shot back. "He's the religious one, who believes in all that stuff. And I'm sick to death of watching everyone I care about get destroyed by losing people! Yeah, Kurt got off lucky with this whole end of the world thing - he lost some friends and an ex-girlfriend, but his family and you came through the same. And it's not even about you. Hell, I'd be the same if it was Wanda and he getting hitched, 'cause to Kurt it's permanent. It's forever, and we don't fucking get forever. We don't get normal."

Today in XProject:

July 24


2004: Marie writes to several people from Canada. Collateral Damage: Mistra sends a team to recover Nathan at Columbia University. Colin MacInnis emails Pete and Charles warning them Mistra is no longer being predictable. Nathan's psychiatrist finds a listening device in his office.

2005: Bad Blood: Amanda wakes from the spell backlash and is reassured by Jean; it comes out that Manuel shared Amanda's nightmares the previous night, and is having a bad nosebleed for related reasons; Scott gets a follow-up call from the police, and Nathan and Haroun watch over Alison and, finally, she wakes up; Scott comes home and he and Jean share comfort; Bobby goes to see Scott and demands more information about the previous night's mission, but doesn't get it; Alison goes back to her quarters and learns the hard way that magic doesn't always heal all; Jean and Nathan meet out on the lawn and reflect on the events of the night before and the implications for both of them. Madelyn and Hank get the news and discuss what's to be done before settling on... nothing, for the moment. Kyle and Forge go rafting on the lake and talk about Catseye.

2006: Ororo visits Scott in the greenhouse, and comforts him. Julio comments on how quiet it is.


2008: Angelo gets the results back and is stunned to discover his father was a mutant. Sulaco: Playing cards with Yvette, it's clear Jay isn't well; Yvette tells the doctors about Jay's health issues. Clarice and Callie meet and are extremely random at each other; Callie is very confused about Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

2009: Late at night, Lil goes down to the infirmary for help with her insomnia and to her discomfort has to hold a baby to get it. Mutation Sternutation: Callie's powers come back and she seeks out Fred; Callie emails Manuel to let him know she'll be babysitting Valentia for him. Scott talks to Shiro about Alpha's death and the truth comes out, resulting in Shiro being encouraged to take some time off the team. Angelo resigns as self-defence teacher and takes a hiatus from the team in order to run the Elpis office and take care of Nathan. Shiro texts Jay, asking him to visit and Jay takes off from work; Mark texts Jay about his early departure and the two share ribaldries. Julian comes across Johnny in their suite and it's decided a boys-only poker night is needed to counter the angst level in the suite.

2010: Jean runs into Garrison late at night in the Danger Room control room working on some training modules Scott sent to him; the two joke about a few things and then decide to go to Harry's Hideaway for some wings and burgers.

2011: Yvette posts to her journal to announce that she is back from Kosovo and is glad to be back home. Don't Close Your Eyes: Warren visits Jean the day after she wakes from her coma, and they discuss what happened.

2012: Layla posts a message warning that any sounds of pain from the front drive belong to her breaking in bonding with her roommate. Sue posted a message saying hi on the journals. Megan and Layla make plans to go to a punk concert in the city. Ashes and Mist: In another, darker world, Remy and Haller discuss options with the leadership of the UN, following the loss of the Atlantic Seawall to Apocalypse's forces; Remy returns to Muir Island to confer with Professor Essex and Rachel Kinross regarding his plan. Sue and Maddie meet and have a friendly argument about sports teams.

2013: Kyle wonders what the hell happened on the New Mutant field trip. Haller leaves a letter for Betsy letting her know he wants to be there for her.

2014: Jean and Haller work with Hope on accessing the astral plane after her experience of it during the tsunami in Avalon.

2015: Jubilee posts that there is a Movie Night for tomorrow. John goes to find Amanda after she failed to meet up with him an hour prior. Alison posts that someone let slip that she isn’t in Florida and that her manager is freaking out and that she will be in Florida to make some appearances. Different Breed: Jean-Paul discovers his blackmailer, Phillippe Leblanc’s fate; his former guardian, Raymonde, is unimpressed by the way he is handling things and decides to assist.

2016: Laurie posts, looking for her cat, Crookshanks.

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