March 2021

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Maya Lincoln-Lopez reflected on her personal good fortune in being raised by her grandparents and father in the ways of her people, while Miles Morales and Bobby Drake solidified their plans to get a place in the city together. And Quentin Quire talked to Marie-Ange Colbert about his other self.

The main event of the month, however, was an X-Men mission. The team was called in by SHIELD to help rescue Captain America after he was captured by MODOK and A.I.M.. All in all, despite the giant cyborg head, it was a straightforward job.


Mar 1 - Maya reflects on the destruction of indigenous culture and acknowledges she was fortunate in that her grandparents and father were able to teach her.

Mar 2 -

Mar 3 - Quentin asks Marie-Ange about his other self.

Mar 4 -

Mar 5 -

Mar 6 -

Mar 7 -

Mar 8 -

Mar 9 -

Mar 10 - Agents of SHIELD: Garrison gets a call from Phil Coulson, asking for help from the X-Men to retrieve a captured Captain America; Garrison posts an urgent call for X-Men; the group flies to a spot near the A.I.M. base where Coulson meets them for a briefing; the X-Men split into two teams - Marvel Girl, Spectrum and Daredevil go and locate Captain America with Agent Simmons on comms, while Dominion, Psylocke and Shadowcat shut down the security systems; both groups encounter trouble in the form of AIM guards and robots, but manage to get to the hanger, with Captain America and Agents May and Fitz; before they can escape, MODOK appears to cut them off; a gap is made in MODOK’s personal shielding to allow the telepaths to attack his mind; MODOK escapes and the X-Men depart ahead of the main SHIELD team. Nica posts about the mission in her journal, sparking a word definition meme.

Mar 11 - Miles comes home after Spider-Man patrol to find Bobby in his bed with some news that will impact their future together.

Mar 12 -

Mar 13 - Doug asks Marie-Ange about the meaning of a booster pack of random tarot cards.

Mar 14 - Molly buys a bunch of pies to share and celebrate Pi Day.

Mar 15 - Jubilee provides Marie-Ange with a joke tarot card. Kyle is boggled by a movie version of Macbeth played out in a fast food restaurant.

Mar 16 -

Mar 17 -

Mar 18 - Clarice signs up for bladesmithing classes.

Mar 19 -

Mar 20 -

Mar 21 -

Mar 22 - Laurie has a date with someone she met on the subway.

Mar 23 -

Mar 24 - Maya announces that she expects a large celebration for her upcoming birthday.

Mar 25 -

Mar 26 -

Mar 27 -

Mar 28 -

Mar 29 -

Mar 30 - Due to missing Holi, Topaz informs the mansion that they can expect some color related surprises. Darcy announces that she's purchased all the Kingdom Hearts games and will be devoting her free time to them.

Mar 31 - Jubilee shares a very interesting Easter recipe video.


X-Men Mission: Agents of SHIELD

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