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May 1 -

May 2 -

May 3 -

May 4 - Clarice sends a team wide alert about FOH was causing trouble at the Met Gala; Hope texts HFC who are at the Met Gala party that the FOH were attacking and she needs assistance; JPC texts Marie-Ange about the Met Gala; A news article came out about Met Gala was postponed by the damage done by FOH.

May 5 - Kyle makes an all teams report concerning the Met Gala debacle. Laurie and Garrison go for drinks, where Laurie asks for a chance to prove herself.

May 6 -

May 7 - Amanda texts Jubilee and Marie-Ange to start a betting pool concerning Doug's birthday. Doug makes a post about his birthday, sure he'd set a reminder.

May 8 - Doug finds a post-it note to self that was not previously there. Nica updates the mansion on the current political shift and what can be done. Fourteen emails Amanda about a symbol found in her old room.

May 9 - Jubilee hits the journals with a joke.

May 10 - Gabriel texts Felicia about brunch. Tandy texts Marie-Ange about an interesting looking man on the subway. Doug texts Tandy concerning a sudden outburst from MA.

Mary 11 -

May 12 -

May 13 - Marie-Ange emails X-Force to inform of the new addition to the team.

May 14 -

May 15 -

May 16 -

May 17 -

Mary 18 -

May 19:

May 20:

May 21: Nica posts about going to the zoo for a powers testing.

May 22:

May 23:

May 24: Alani posts asking for hiking recommendations.


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