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Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Real name unknown
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: Most Dangerous Game

Media mogul and primary force behind various underground Internet programs, Mojo will do anything to get the ratings.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Mojo

Affiliation: Mojo Enterprises

First appearance: March 4, 2007

Family: Unknown


Mojo is a paraplegic, and very touchy about it. He attempts to dress very fashionably, and despises anyone doing anything for him. He is intensely independent and wildly avaricious. He has made billions off his various enterprises, but once you reach that level, much like Arcade, money is mostly a way to keep score, and he wants to keep running up the points. He lives in lavish jet-setting style, surrounded by beautiful women and very expensive gin martinis.

Due to his issues with his condition, Mojo is seldom seen, preferring to do his interactions from behind a screen or via televisual link using a masking image. His current whereabouts are unknown, following his escape from the X-Men in Most Dangerous Game. In 2014 he bought the contract of reality star Arthur Centino, using him as a pawn in another one of his games. He stayed out of the conflict physically, of course, communicating via a closed-circuit television, and the X-Men were unable to track him down.


Mojo has no mutant powers.


Most Dangerous Game

Impossible Odds


Socked by:

Formerly socked by Nute