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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Domino (disambiguation).

Nina Thurman
Portrayed by Tatiana Maslany
Codename: Domino
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: December 8, 1986
Journal: xp_domino
Player: Available for Applications

She cast a sideways glance at the rest of the group, who looked surprisingly composed. But then, they dealt with this stuff on a regular basis, didn't they?

Wait. Who's the crazy ones here?

Partnered with Kevin Sydney at the behest of Christian Kane, Domino is currently working mission to mission, trying to piece things together.


Character Journal: xp_domino

Real Name: Nina Thurman

Codename: Domino

Aliases: Beatrice Thurman, Samantha Wu, Tamara Winter, Elena Vladescu, Jessica Marie Costello, Luisa Mendoza, Christina Elizabeth Alioso, Priscilla Sutherland, Hope Eldridge

First Appearance: February 6, 2015

Date of Birth: December 8, 1986

Place of Birth: Chhicago, Illinois

Citizenship: American

Relatives: n/a

Education: B.Sc. Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Freelance Operative, partnered with Kevin Sydney (Changeling)

Team Affiliation: X-Force



Nina (who hates her name, and prefers to go by her codename, Domino, whenever possible) was born to a single mother during one of the coldest winters in Chicago on record. She's not quite sure what happened to her mom, only that she ended up in the Sacred Heart Orphanage before she was four years old, and there she stayed. Perhaps too mouthy or too smart for her own good, Domino was never able to find a 'forever home', though she bounced in and out of various foster homes throughout her young life. She doesn't talk much about this period but it's pretty obvious from her defensive responses when she's queried that it wasn't the best experience for her, and it's a testament to her natural smarts and talent that she was able to graduate high school at all, let alone with a place towards the top of her class.

Her academics were enough to earn her a place at U of I, and she cashed in the 'orphan card' to get a scholarship that paid for most of her tuition and books. After a few semesters of undecided waffling she finally buckled down to get a computer science degree, figuring it would be useful if nothing else. To her surprise she ended up enjoying the courses and proved to have a flair for hacking and security measures - a fact which she may have used to help bolster her scholarship, which didn't do much to cover living expenses. She continued with this after she left school, sometimes carrying out white hat testing for companies but just as often passing on the wrong side of the law in her endeavours.

After School

Such creative use of her training may well have gotten her in trouble with the authorities, and indeed when she received a letter from them requesting an interview she was convinced at first that it was some kind of trap, one of those ones where they promise you a boat and then throw you in jail. Much to her surprise (because she couldn't help but go along anyway, just to see) it was a legitimate interview, one that resulted in a job offer from the Agency, who clearly employed a 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' attitude when it came to recruitment.

She only spent a few short years with the Agency, but what years they were. While there she was trained up in the latest technologies and given access to databases so secret even the conspiracy theorists hadn't dreamed them up yet. And, even better, she was getting paid to do it all. It was discovered that in addition to her tech skills she was also a decent field operative, able to think quickly on her feet and use force when necessary, so her early twenties found her travelling the world, dealing with bad guys (of some definition) and hacking people's stuff.

It's hard to say exactly when the relationship soured; maybe when she realised some of the 'bad guys' were no worse than the Agency itself, or maybe when they left her for dead after an op gone bad. Either way she decided she'd be better off as a freelancer, and through a series of contacts and jobs she eventually got in good with Christian Kane, who seemed to know just about everybody and have all his fingers in a dozen different pies. Through Kane she partnered up with Sydney and the rest, as they say, is history.

Career Change

At Kane's request, Kevin and Domino approached Snow Valley, offering the depleted group a desperately needed influx of experience and skill. They were quickly thrust into duty in Madripoor and aside from cleaning up some old business of Kevin's in Africa, settled into the team. While Domino was traditionally a bit stand offish, she began to make friends in the mansion, growing close to Amanda, Warren, and Gabe in particular. Her computer skills and powers were key contributors on numerous missions, both as part of X-Force and helping out members of the mansion.

However, things began to unravel in 2018. After a particularly grueling mission in Russia, they came home to find they'd made it on the Sapien League's radar as targets. Shortly afterward, Kevin was apparently killed by them while following a lead. Domino coordinated the research of the leads while others used a telepathic bridge via Emma into Kevin's mind to find the rest of the intel. Kevin disappeared without a word after the mission, leaving Domino feeling used and abandoned. Even after he returned and apologized, the breach of trust had created a rift between them, making things difficult in the office. When she was wounded helping bring down the Destines, she ended up having a crisis of faith while in the hospital, questioning whether this was the life she really wanted. Not long after, Domino resigned her position at Snow Valley and left the mansion. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Physical Characteristics

Other Features: Domino is of average height and build - despite her reasonable athleticism and heightened reflexes she isn't particularly toned or fit, a fact which annoys the hell out of her, though she would never admit it. She keeps her brown hair in a below-the-shoulder cut, all the better for pulling back out of her face in a ponytail or tucking up beneath any number of wigs. She eschews most makeup, though she had a weakness for over-applied eyeliner when she's going 'out'. While she dresses sensibly on the job - whatever's most appropriate to the setting - in her downtime she's mostly garbed in skinny trousers and leather jackets, complete with 'big stompy boots' that do a little to boost her height.


While 'luck' doesn't sound like something that can be affected by mutant ability, it turns out it is - and it's very handy. Domino's abilities went undetected for many years, well into the time she joined the NSA. Her ability to psionically influence events in her favour is so subconscious, and activated only in times of stress or danger, that it really did look like she was extremely fortunate in avoiding catastrophe whenever it struck. It was only after much study that experts determined her particular abilities, though even after being informed of them she has no conscious control over where and when they trigger. All she knows is that she has to act for them to tilt the odds in her favour, so the discovery has perhaps made her even *more* impulsive and decisive than before.

The off-shoot of her abilities means that her reflexes and reactions are highly-tuned and instinctively driven, giving her superhuman abilities to dodge, twist, and otherwise manoeuvre herself out of harm's way.





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Player: Available for Applications


Player Icon Base: Tatiana Maslany

Meta Trivia

Domino was an NPC in Phase 1, and apped as a character by Erin for the relaunch in January 2015 and played until May 2019.