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Dates run: March 1, 2005
Run By: Nute
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“We lost them."

“Lost them? We kicked their ass! That’s not losing them, that’s them turning tail and running to mommy."

When a platoon of cybernetic mercenaries descends upon the mansion, they find that the X-Men are ready and waiting for them. Mayhem ensues.


Muir Team: Cyclops, Cannonball, Colossus, Polaris

Dazzler, Jetstream, Scarlet Witch, Cable, Kylun, Vision, Husk, Lexicon, Storm

Remy LeBeau, Jubilation Lee, Madelyn Bartlet, Henry McCoy, Cain Marko, Catseye, Shiro Yoshida, Alex Summers, Kitty Pryde

Reavers (villains)


March 1, 2005

Plot Summary

Late in the afternoon on February 28, the X-Men get a message that the administrative offices of the Muir Island Research Facility in Edinburgh, Scotland have been burglarized. A team of X-Men including Cyclops, Cannonball, Colossus, and Polaris is scrambled to respond.

Around 3am the following morning, a group of cyborg mercenaries, the Reavers, begins their assault on the mansion. Their intention is to get in and steal data from Cerebro, a quick and clean job. However, the security system manned by Remy LeBeau and Lee Kuk catches them upon their initial entry, and a counter-ambush is planned. The silent alarms are sounded, students are evacuated to the bunkers, and the remaining X-Men on the grounds are roused to repel the intruders.

Off the grounds, Jubilee gets the alert page while on a before-dawn run and immediately heads for the nearest bunker. Wanda is burning the midnight oil on the college campus when the call comes in, and thankfully has borrowed Scott's motorcycle to make a speedy return to the mansion, confounding some local police along the way.

Down in the medlab area, Madelyn goes through the protocols of locking down the computers. She is accosted by a pair of Reavers, and finds Hank coming to her rescue despite being mostly-debilitated by the Infectia virus.

Another team of Reavers has a special order from their employer, Sebastian Shaw, to get a measure of revenge on Cain Marko, who is still crippled after the events of last winter. Three Reavers enter the boathouse, find Cain, and shoot him in the chest. However, they did not count on Catseye being present, nor the fact that she would suddenly develop her "big cat" form and savagely maul one of the cyborgs. The shock of the attempted murder brings Cain back to a full recovery, and he disposes handily of another would-be assassin, and chases the third off.

While heading for the shelters, Alex, Shiro, and Kitty run into three Reavers who happen to have been former Hellfire Club security, and have a definite grudge against Selene's former hostage. However, they find definite resistance in the form of two plasma-wielders and a girl who can short out electronics.

Using his telepathy to confuse a group of Reavers, Nathan evades some of the intruders while Alison engages another group in hand-to-hand combat, using the kitchen itself as a weapon, nearly destroying it in the process. Down near Cerebro, the Reavers' computer specialist and his escort are confronted by Kylun and his swords, foiling their attempt at the data theft and prompting an immediate order for evacuation.

Coordinated by Remy and Lee, the X-Men take the fight directly to the Reavers, with even the new trainees (Doug, Marie-Ange, and Paige) managing to get a few shots in. Across the sea in Scotland, the deployed X-Men realize that the burglary at Edinburgh was just a distraction to get the X-Men out of the mansion, and heads back in the Blackbird at top speed.

During the escape, Jetstream and Skullbuster, the leader of the Reavers, square off in a violent battle that does some significant damage to the foyer of the mansion. Alison and Nathan head to the garage, grabbing the Jeep and taking the fight outside, chasing the Reavers back to their helicopter. Wanda arrives at speed, pushing her powers to cause the helicopter's weapons systems to fail, just as Ororo unleashes a fury of lightning strikes on the escaping Reavers.

Outside, Alison, Nathan, Wanda, Ororo, and Cain all meet up and assess the situation before doing one last circuit of the grounds and calling the all-clear.

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Trivia and Meta


Evacuation drills were referenced multiple times in the lead-up to this plot, which was partly written to showcase the improvement in safety at the mansion since the two previous attacks.

Lorna took the destruction of her beloved kitchen badly, chasing Alison around the mansion swearing revenge. She was joined in the mourning by Lockheed.


Plotrunner: Nute

The fight scene between Jetstream and Skullbuster uses various techniques from krav maga and Brazilan jiu-jitsu, which both the players involved have studied.