Red X Mission: Rising Waters

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Red X: Rising Waters
Rising waters.jpg
Dates run: July 18-20, 2008
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Red X: Rising Waters

"Look at the people here. Something unfortunate happened, but people from far away stopped what they were doing and came to help people they had never met."

When Iowa undergoes major flooding, Red X is called to help.


Jean Grey, Theresa Cassidy, Crystal Amaquelin, Danielle Moonstar, Jay Guthrie, Jane Doe, Cessily Kincaid, Tatiana Caban, Yvette Petrovic Kyle Gibney, Laurie Collins, Tommy Jones, Kevin Ford, Callie Betto, Inez Temple, Angelica Jones, Janet Van Dyne


July 18-20

Plot Summary

Called to Iowa to deal with flooding, the Red X members from Xavier's found themselves dealing with a number of tasks, including evacuation and sandbagging. It wasn't exactly a smooth operation, however, with several people winding up in the water and/or needing rescuing, most notably Jay and Cessily. Jay's entire time was particularly bad - he was nearly struck by lightning, was rescued and resuscitated by Tommy, and forgot to tie up a boat when he was trying to evacuate people with Dani. Tatiana had a powers incident whilst helping a cow trapped in barbed wire with Kevin, and Yvette and Kevin rescued some kittens.

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As a result of the many mishaps, Red X training at the mansion was increased to every weekend over the summer.


Plotrunner: Rossi

This plot was based on the events of the 2008 Cedar Rapid Floods and much information regarding conditions and timelines was provided by Cora, a native of the area.