Red X Mission: Whistler

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Red X Mission: Whistler
Dates run: January 29-31, 2008
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Red X Mission: Whistler

"I've been monitoring your progress over the last day or so. You've all done excellent work."

A conference in British Columbia with Beta Flight winds up a bit more hands-on when an avalanche buries a ski resort.


Noriko Ashida, Garrison Kane, Tabitha Smith, Danielle Moonstar, Tommy Jones, Jay Guthrie, John Allerdyce, Monet St. Croix, Jane Doe, Yvette Petrovic, Kevin Ford, Sooraya Qadir

Beta Flight members, Robert Gordon MacDonald


January 29-31, 2008

Plot Summary

Asked by the Canadian government to extend an invitation to various Xavier's students, Garrison arranged for a two-day trip to the mountain resort of Whistler for Red X students and graduates who might be interested in learning more about Beta Flight, part of Canada's mutant training program. The conference was cut short, however, when news of an avalanche in the ski resort of Sun Peaks reached them. As both the Beta Flight members and Xavier's students were already on the ground, they volunteered to help with the rescue effort.

Over the next day and a half, the Xavierites worked with Beta Flight, searching for recovering victims from their homes and vehicles, providing evacuation, clearing roads, and providing a power source for the local hospital. At the end of the operation, or at least the search and rescue part, the group was officially thanked by Robert MacDonald, Under Minister of Defence, for their efforts.

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Garrison decided the 'faffers' as he called them could do with being useful, and so told them he had planted drugs in their rooms and would arrest them if they didn't go to the conference.

For Jay, Kevin, Tommy, Monet, Yvette, Sooraya and Noriko, it was their first Red X mission.


Plotrunner: Rossi

This plot was run as an invite-only Red X mission, mostly because the plot runner wasn't up to running another Giant Plot.

Four Beta Flight NPCs were created and socked by four of the five Canadians in the game, for that authentic Canadian touch.