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Dates run: October 9, 2004
Run By: Lauren
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"I’m going to say this once," she said, somehow finding enough air to raise her voice. Here, she had to sound like a queen, not a stupid little girl who’d let herself get too comfortable. "Limbo is mine by right. Your service is mine by right. I will have that service, or I will strike you down and find another willing to take your place."

S'ym attempts to remove Illyana from her control over Limbo, and take her place as its ruler.


Kylun, Illyana Rasputin, Cain Marko, Wanda Maximoff


Miles Blaire, S'ym


October 9, 2004

Plot Summary

Wanda Maximoff arrived at the school for the first time, only to be involved in her first crisis. While coming through the door, the school was suddenly infested by demons, coming out of portals and running rampant on the grounds. One of the first to see them, Cain Marko called for a general evacuation to the emergency shelters. After Miles Blaire was attacked (and successfully defended himself) on the grounds, Cain gathered all of the stragglers and barricaded them inside the boat house.

A group of demons invading the mansion ran right into Kylun, who effortlessly dispatched them with a flurry of sword work. While the demons failed to penetrate deeply into the mansion, their attack was revealed to be nothing more than a diversion while their leader carried out his true plan.

S'ym, a demon and former ally of Belasco, decided that Illyana Rasputin was finally vulnerable, and sought to challenge her for the right to Limbo. He ambushed the mutant on the school grounds, attacking fiercely and nearly successfully, injuring her. However, Illyana's use of the Soulsword and knowledge of demon psychology allowed her to force S'ym to yield, and fully capitulate to awknowledge her ownership of Limbo.

With S'ym defeated, the rest of the demons fled back to Limbo, leaving Illyana to answer the questions about what her relationship to the demon realm truly was.

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Following the incident, Dr. Stephen Strange stepped up his researches into Belasco and the demon realm of Limbo.

Amanda Sefton left the school for a short time, unable to cope with what had happened on the heels of Remy's return.


Plotrunner: Lauren