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Moment of Awesome - Namor/The Sub-Mariner : Avenger v not-quite-X-Man - Namor takes on Thor in a battle of snark.

As Molly moved to take Namor's place against Iron Man, he got his first good look at Thor. The Asgardian was crackling with energy, which Bevetron was deflecting and grounded where ever he could. The onslaught was impressive, encasing both of them in a nimbus of electrical discharge.

It was truly impressive, but impressive had never been enough to phase the King of Atlantis. The baton pass from the small, monstrous girl had been clean enough, and Namor wasn't in a mood to play games. A golden trident, aimed true, sang through the electrical storm shot directly for the Thunderer's throat.

A hand reached up and caught the central trident spike, stopping the momentum cold. "Namor. I thought your kind was gone. We mourned you."

"If you mourned him," Jean-Phillipe grunted as he kept the worst of the electricity from his teammate, "perhaps you could see sense and halt this idiocy!" Sweat was pouring down his face, a testament to the amount of effort he was putting forward, and how little reserve was left in him.

Namor appeared then, his face a mask a mask of rage, to land on iron grip on the shaft of his weapon. Thor was now caught between two ancient artifacts; one in each hand. "So Asgard did hear the dying voices of my people. You did nothing."

This was a statement coated in ice and glazed with centuries of steeping anger.

"The All-Father must really be a fool."

"You had your time. It was not our place to save you from your own arrogance." Thor dropped a headbutt with a sound like a cannon when it impacted with Namor's forehead.

Namor stammering back, loosing his grip, but the sound that came from him was a low chuckle.

"I have seen what the histories have done with your ego, Thunderer. Look what has happened to your precious Migard in both our absences."

Today in XProject:

December 6th - Clint Barton's Birthday

2003: Something Wicked: A purple haired woman with a sword is glimpsed on campus. Logan discovers a katana missing. A CNN crew is allowed access to the mansion for a television special on mutant schools. Various students and teachers who don't want to be on television join Hank in the basement for card games.

2004: Remy's Eleven: The Remy's Eleven team assemble in Las Vegas, and find out just how insane the job is; Nathan and Haroun go to the Luxor, to talk some things over away from the others. Madelyn feeds Scott cookies and gets him to actually talk.

2005: Scott stops down to see Tommy and tell him that he can expect a new roommate. There are productive bits in the conversation, but Scott also lays down the law. Tommy's not entirely receptive; later, Scott's managed to work himself into a migraine, between Round Three with yet another problem student and too much reading. Alex decides that it's time to solicit his opinion on a matter of much importance. Haroun and Alison explore the frontiers of cybernetic science. In a seemingly uncharacteristic helpful gesture, Forge takes a laptop down to Tommy and gets him set up on the school network. And just as surprisingly, the two of them have an amazingly civil and friendly conversation. Haroun has a much better day than his previous post, a couple of days before, but by the end of the day he writes Alison a letter admitting he's drowning and asking for her help.

2006: Operation: Xorn: Pete notifies Charles of the Xorn situation. It starts snowing, much to the joy of the students. Kurt, Angel and Yvette go sliding up the halls in their socks; some of the other residents join in, but Pietro complains about the noise. Jean and Terry meet in the laundry room and talk about the Bobby problem. Nathan announces he and Angelo are going to Oman for the weekend. Scott announces his official return to the team.

2007: Jishin Da!: Yvette learns a new origami shape; Jane is enthusiastic about the trip and she and Yvette visit a shrine together; Marius runs into Garrison and the two discuss the ethics of the X-Men and following Charles Xavier.

2008: New York Minute: Nori winds up asleep in a subway station and is picked up by the police for vagrancy; Scott, Kyle, Terry and Haller go looking for Nori; Kyle and Scott stop a mutant attack; Nathan answers the phone to find Nori is safe, but in jail; Nathan retrieves a most contrite Nori; back at the school, Nori and Julio have it out and decide they want to try to be better with each other. Julian posts to the journal system. Kyle complains about having been out all night looking for Nori. Jennie is curious about the new arrival. Scott gives Zanne and Alex their X-Men tags. Callie helps Julian unpack. Julian meets Nori in the kitchen and gets food.

2009: Warren visits Jay's bartending flair show at Silver and the pair tuck away outside, to make plans for later on and hide from Jay's current stalkers.


2011: Jean-Paul brings Warren a gift for his new office and wind up talking about Warren's lack of ability with plants. Sam and Scott meet at the CoffeeQuake and talk about family and the Blackbird. Doug shares a Old Spice Man Christmas greeting to Kyle's home town. Yvette and Amara talk between classes at ESU and Amara mentions her idea to have HeliX members and the New Mutants volunteer at soup kitchens over the holiday. Sooraya's things arrive from Attilan and she asks for help bringing the crate upstairs.

2012: Laurie makes a post about seeing pictures of a grumpy cat on Tumblr. Tandy texts Clint to ask where he is.

2013: Birthday present for Clint from Tandy: 4 Tickets to the USA Science and Engineer festival. Left for Clint by Matt: a hand written card with a $20 gift voucher inside.

2014: Adrienne posts reminding people that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Tuesday and inviting people to watch with her. Sue drags Clint to Silver for his birthday where he sees Gabriel dancing with another man, leading to an awkward conversation and the two becoming an actual couple. Cecilia leaves Clint a water bottle for his birthday. Gabriel txts Namor informing him that his debt is repaid. Sue texts Clint telling him she saw him with Gabriel at Silver and congratulating him.

2015: Felicia makes another Instagram post about holiday decorating, this time for Clint and Natasha. Ev sends Clint birthday wishes (and a Simpsons .gif) by email; Angel leaves Clint a birthday poster; Clint texts Angel to thank her for the gift; Gabriel suggests Namor come along to Clint’s birthday pub crawl and get very drunk, which agrees with Namor. Case File: A Better Mole Trap: Alex and Quentin talk to Opal Tanaka, a District X storekeeper and find out more about Mole, the murdered mutant, despite Quentin’s poor people skills. Roadside Assistance: On the way back from a field trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Generation X encounters a multiple vehicle pile up and stop to help, leaving just as authorities arrive; Maya doesn't handle being at an accident scene well, and Darcy tries to distract her from what's going on outside the bus. Topaz asks Tandy and Hope for company with her wine drinking after her ‘excitement’.

2016: Darcy texts Clint to wish him a Happy Birthday and tells him there’s apple pie cookies for him in the lab.

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