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Moment of Awesome - Logan/Wolverine: It's the Illiad, and Logan and Sharon Friedlander have challenged the Trojans in order to provide a distraction for the rest of their team.

While this was going on, Logan was dealing with Hector who was easily parrying his own attacks and striking back at Logan with equal ferocity. It was a pitched battle with them both moving back and forward across the ground with little give. They were both flecked with blood and dirt kicked up by their feet and the heaving ground.

The Greeks on the edge of the battlefield hadn't edged any closer but they were cheering on the fight. They didn't know who the Trojans were fighting but that they were being driven hard in the battle was all that mattered to them along with the fact that none of their own lives were being risked.

The ground was really rolling now and Logan wasn't quite as sure on his feet as he was at the start. He was beginning to tire and maybe that was Hector's strategy. He shook the sweat out of his eyes. It didn't matter. As long as they kept both sides distracted enough for Kurt and the others to make it over the wall that's all they needed.

He charged at Hector again, slinging the shield over his back, so he could use both claws. The shield may have been slowing him down and this was how he was more used to fighting anyway. He bared his teeth in a grimace as Hector brought down his sword with both hands toward Logan. He blocked them with his claws crossed in an X and roared again as he shoved Hector back from him.

Logan wobbled in a run after him as the ground continued to roil. Hector's powers had no end to them it felt like. He had to run out of steam at some point. They circled each other as yells from Sharon and Aeneas punctuated the air. Then they charged again and Logan managed to catch his claws under Hector's shield, yanking it out of his hands and throwing it far from them. "I fight better with my hands," Logan said.

Hector didn't acknowledge the words. He simply gripped his sword with both hands and they circled each other again.

This was going to be a prolonged battle and winning was going to be hard fought. The others better hurry it the hell up. He and Sharon were good at what they did but that would only last so long.