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Moment of Awesome - Megan Gwynn: During the rescue of Jean Grey, Pixie discovers a new side of herself in coming to her teacher's aid.

Amanda grunted as a fist sank into her midsection, knocking the wind out of her. Instinctively she lashed out with a booted foot, Doc Marten connecting just under the Guard's knee. Nightside stumbled back, granting the Brit a moment of respite, but only a moment.

"No!" Pixie shouted as her teacher was struck. She was struggling to control her magic. Everything was slipping away from her. But there was a deeper magic lurking below the surface of her being, out of reach of her mind, more slippery than her dust or other autonomic functions. If she could just stop flailing long enough and sink into it... sink into the hole that she felt in her heart... Her movements were fluid a she lunged at Nightside. There was a dagger in Pixie's hand. It glowed pink as it sliced through the air. It connected with something. "Let us go!"

The dagger sunk into Nightside's chest up to the hilt, and the woman looked down at it, dumbfounded. Then her eyes rolled up in her head and she collapsed to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut. The dagger remained in Pixie's hand and it slid out of Nightside as easily as it had gone in, but there was no cut in the woman's uniform, no blood, no wound. Nightside lay unconscious, but her breathing was regular, her colour normal.

Amanda straightened, arm curved around her stomach, looking at the dagger in Pixie's hand. "Good save," was all she managed. Another mystery, surrounding her students. Another potential danger, and no time to look into it. All she could do was hope she'd have time later.