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Moment of Awesome: Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic: Johnny Storm approaches Reed about potential plans.

Reed gave Johnny's hand a curious look. "Yes, I'm Reed." He shook the hand, and then glanced at the face. The familiarity was there, but Reed didn't actually have any idea who this young person was. "I don't know who you are. "Johnny" doesn't provide me with much information."

Johnny rubbed the back of his head and laughed. "Storm," he said. "Johnny Storm. You may have heard about me...probably not good things. Like "that damn Storm-kid", or "Johnny Cost-a-lot", or perhaps "who burnt my damn toast". Those are all me...my aliases if you will." He looked at Reed to see if there was any recognition. "I'm Sue's brother," he added.

There was absolutely no recognition until the final statement, at which point Reed's eyes lit up. "Oh! Yes, I have heard of you. Vaguely, mind you. You're not generally a topic that is discussed, but your name is familiar." He squinted. "Actually, I think that's all I know about you. Your name. And, naturally, your genealogy. Well, anyways, it's nice to finally put a face to a name. If I forget it at a later date, I apologize. I may be incredibly intelligent, but simple things like social niceties tend to be forgotten."

Johnny's smile quivered from the dual blow of being merely a marginal topic and the force of Reed's 'personality'. "Well, you certainly sound smart. But fear not Reed-y boy, what you lack in social graces I make up for, tenfold. That's the first thing you should know about me. Johnny Storm, social...ugh...not pariah? Chameleon? Social Insider? Who cares. You do the knowledge, I do the human interaction." Johnny nodded and almost seamlessly segued into the next topic of conversation. "So...work going well? What is it that you actually do?"

Reed-y boy? That was a new one. Reed gave Johnny a disparaging look. This person was much different than Sue. "I do many things, and I do them all excellently. I'm currently exploring the use of electricity with neutrinos, as they do not carry an electric charge. However, I think that if we can somehow find a way to change the very rules of quantum mechanics..." He trailed off. "You're not really listening, are you? I don't think I am answering your question adequately. You asked what I actually do. I invent things. I think that's a more appropriate answer."