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Moment of Awesome - Tandy Bowen: Trapped in Asgard as a thrall to Balder, Tandy undergoes training.

Tandy put her hands on her knees as she leaned over trying to catch her breath. "Can we break?" Balder was Asgardian that had resume a mentor role over her when she first came to Asgard a couple of months ago. She was still getting used to the fact that she was in a different world, much less a world of old Norse gods. His training methods were far different as they were going at it for hours with very little breaks in between but with each new session Tandy was learning how to harness her powers. It was easier when the person training you had similar light powers.

"Already?" Balder asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked down at the small girl - well, small in comparison to him at least. "You just had a break." Just being over three hours ago. He was very generous when it came to breaks. Learning required discipline, after all. Discipline required being able to power through.

"Do you not believe in breaks? I mean, don't get me wrong. I am grateful that you are teaching me, but man you are worst than Mr. G..." Her voice broke off as she remembered everyone - she didn't know what happened since she was brought here. Where they okay? Did anyone survive? Did the Dark Phoenix succeeded? She touched the necklace around her neck and stood up straight. "How often did you train as a kid?"

"Twelve hours a day and no I didn't get breaks, so you should consider it a luxury that you get any at all." Balder smiled a bit, however. He enjoyed Tandy's spunk. It made the otherwise boring days interesting. "Let's take a break, then. You humans aren't nearly as durable."

"That is so cray cray." Tandy stared at him him in disbelief. When he said break, Tandy fell to the ground and laid on her back. "We are puny, very breakable."

Balder raised an eyebrow. "Cray cray?" Tandy used a lot of strange words he didn't understand. Humans were so strange.

At those words Tandy couldn't help but start laughing. "Oh that was good."

The Asgardian was, of course, completely lost. "What was good? You act so odd sometimes."

"Says the man who trains 12 hours a day non-stop."

"That's not odd, that's dedication. If you want to learn, you put in the effort."

She laughed again and looked up into the sky. "You are so serious."

"Well one of us has to be." But a small smile quirked at his lips. Strange little girl she was. "Come on, back up. Time to work again."

"Fine my jedi master...." She rolled over onto her stomach before pushing herself up.