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Sound of Silence

Following the engagement part of Medusa Amaquelin and Blackagar Boltagon, the world was stunned to see the entire island nation disappear without a trace. Or almost - the wreckage of the royal plane was found, with the bodies of the King and Queen, Medusa and Crystal Amaquelin's parents, and various Attilani dignitaries. For weeks, the question on everyone's lips was - what happened to Attilan, and by extension, those remaining on the island after the party, such as the Amaquelin sisters and Forge?

The truth was Maximus Boltagon, younger brother of the Crown Prince and quite insane, had finally acted on his desire to become Attilan's ruler. Hiding his telepathy for years, with the help of Fabian Cortez he successfully used that power to control the mind of his young cousin, Crystal. When her out of character behaviour prompted concern from Medusa, Boltagon went searching for her, discovering her at the airport and attempting to use her own Cortez-amplified powers to crash the royal plane, the very same plane Medusa and Blackagar were meant to be on. He was too late to stop her, and as the plane crashed he had to use his own powers to stop her. But then something happened that no-one expected - a near-miss from wreckage from the plane caused a local teleporter's powers to jump out of control, teleporting the entire island into another dimension.

Two years passed on the island, cut off from all contact with the outside world. with Forge had to adjust to life as a refugee, eventually becoming an Attilani citizen, and Crystal and Medusa found themselves taking on new roles as two of the only surviving members of the royal family. Medusa was married and became Queen, and Crystal became a teacher in a newly-founded school for mutants, based on Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. A powers accident involving Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton and Illyana Rasputin solved the mystery of what had happened, as the young Russian teleporter found herself in Attilan, and was given a message by Crystal to take back to those mourning their deaths. Hope of their eventual return was born.

Thoughts of what Maximus had done to her and the desire for justice remained, however, and the younger Amaquelin slipped away to search for him. Her search eventually proved fruitful when she found him at the bedside of a young boy in a coma - acting on her own, Crystal captured him and locked him up for several days until he confessed to what he had done and revealed the coma patient was the person responsible for their exile. With Maximus no longer using his powers to maintain the coma, the boy eventually awoke and returned the island to its correct place. What had been two and a half years on Attilan, however, was only six weeks on Earth, and various adjustments needed to be made.