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Moment of Awesome: Jean-Paul Beaubier/Northstar Trapped in the mind of a young Quebecois girl, Jean-Paul seeks insight into Quentin's mindset.

Bringing his knees to his chest, Jean-Paul wrapped his arms around them. "Accidents happen," he said. "It is... not the best, oui? But it could be worse. At least you were not trapped inside Daniella alone. I do not like to think of what would have happened without Wanda and Gabriel to get us out of that situation." Which... Jean-Paul found he actually believed. And, if he was going to be pulled into someone else's body, he supposed there were worse reasons than helping them.

Quentin snorted. No lies detected there. He had little doubt that the child of Magneto could have gotten them out of this trouble, but he was surprised by Gabriel's resilience. He was mildly turned on by that. Not that he'd ever admit it to anyone, especially not Jean-Paul. "Whatever. No big loss to the rest of you, I'm sure."

Tilting his head to the side, Jean-Paul looked at Quentin and asked, "Why do you do that?"

"Do what?" Quentin asked, eyes fixed on the water beneath them.

"I would say 'fish for compliments,' but I think you genuinely do not think people would care if you were gone," Jean-Paul answered.

An orb of water rose from the lake to Quentin's outstretched hand, reflecting the starlight like he was holding the heavens in his palm. "Would they?" he asked. "I haven't particularly made myself, you know, missable."

Jean-Paul shrugged. "If nothing else, someone would notice your absence. Which is more than some people can say."

"Notice is different from care. I notice, for instance, when my roommate forgets to leave the lab and ends up spending his night down there. I just don't give a shit."

"Do you care that they do not care?"

"Doesn't matter either way. I'm not suicidal, if that's what you're asking."

Arching an eyebrow, Jean-Paul said, "I did not think this of you. It is that... for someone who seems very much to wish that people believe you do not care, you spend a large amount of time telling them they do not care about you."

"It's all part of my master plan to kill everyone and take over the world. You don't think it's going well, then?"

Jean-Paul hummed as he considered that. "It is not a good plan," he finally offered. "It does not have minions."