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Moment of Awesome - Matt Murdock/Daredevil : Worried that Foggy will be the serial killer's next target, Matt spends the night. His suspicions are confirmed and Matt outs himself to protect his friend.

The intruder grunted on impact, but Matt's focus on the gun had left one of his arms free. He drew it back quickly, slamming it into Matt's nose and simultaneously using his legs to push off the wall.

Oh fuck that hurt and he hadn't been expecting that. Gasping, Matt automatically, his hand went to his nose, releasing the intruder. Unprofessional, but it was what it was. "Stop!" he called, not that it did any good, following the intruder out the window, stopping at the end of the fire escape. He couldn't pursue him through the city in his underwear. He needed to get back to Foggy and check on him.

"Matt,are you ok?" Foggy appeared at the window staring in confusion at the underwear clad man, "The police are just arriving, they should be just pulling up the the building now." He glanced at his friend, "What even happened here, what was all that ninja stuff!" The lawyer narrowed his eyes, glaring at the man, "You were expecting that weren't you, that's why you stayed the night You were using me as bait." Foggy's voice had gotten louder, angrier and more strident as he came to the realization. "You used me....so what you could grab this guy and be a hero?"

"I told you I did martial arts!" Matt protested, not that he really expected Foggy to believe him entirely. There was sparring in a safe, structured way and then this. "Not bait," he added, indignant. "I did think someone would come after you soon, tonight or in the next couple. And I did stay here to protect you. But never bait!" His voice rose with Foggy's, then he stopped, forcing himself to calm down. "Sorry about your living room." It was trashed, furniture upended and the coffee table broken.

"Forget the furniture," Foggy span on Matt his eye narrowing in a glare, "Matt you thought someone would come after me so you decided to wait for them, how is that not using me as bit. You could have told the police, given them your proof and done this properly. But you had to be here to show off your super ninja whatever this was. That wasn't fair, you should have told me!"

"What proof?" Matt pointed out, "I had a hunch. Worst case, this. Best case, we spend the night together," he sighed. He hated fighting with Foggy and it didn't happen very often. "What was I supposed to tell you? That I'm a mutant? That someone may or may not be after you?" He stalked over to retrieve his clothes and phone, thumbing and automatic text to Clint.