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Moment of Awesome - Molly Hayes: Trapped in Asgard, Molly Hayes undergoes training with Lady Sif.

A year had went by. It'd felt like no time at all, though. Molly had seen many things during that time, but there was always still things that surprised her. She didn't think there would ever be a time when it didn't.

But there was one thing, besides learning how to be a warrior princess, that always kept Molly's attention: it was the super advanced stuff. Asgard was like one of those places that looked like it should have been all hobbits and m'lord and lady, which it was, but they coexisted alongside stuff like motorized chariots and ships and even little floating balls that kids played with. This was all just normal for them.

And it blew. her. mind. It was freaking awesome. But the best part? The best part was that they let her see how it worked. Because they knew she understood once she saw it. Course, they didn't like her taking things apart all the time but cause she was Sif's thrall they let her do it. Most of the time it was stuff that was broken, no longer needed.

Reverse engineering, they called it.

"Whoa," she said breathlessly.

She stared up at the ball, watching the moving parts with a sense of unbridled wonder, studying the way they were put together, moving in a mechanized dance.

"It's totally magic," Molly said, then glanced over with a grin. "Just..." She hunched her shoulders, shrugging. "Y'know, how I think about it."

"Even in the tales of your modern storytellers, when there is magic it follows rules." Sif grinned and collapsed the ball, then expanded it again so that Molly could see how it was done. "And the technology of Midgard, though it lags behind that of Asgard, is still advancing. And if you were to show one of your motion pictures, now that more and more of them are using three dimensions, to a ancient warrior, they would find it just as much magic as you do this."

Molly got closer, standing in the middle of the pieces. She turned around slowly, her eyes flickering back and forth as she made internal notes about how each thing fit into another. Everything had a place. It just made sense. It was almost like the machine was talking to her, telling her it's purpose. All she had to do was listen.

"That's so cool," she gushed. She glanced back down to Sif, then grinned again, running over to wrap her arms around her.


Having someone to believe in her, to teach her and guide her, felt good.

Sif had gotten used to Molly's unexpected exuberance and shows of affection. She hugged back with one arm and her eyes twinkled gently. "You are quite welcome, little sister."