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Moment of Awesome - Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird : During a morning snuggle, Bobbi and Warren Worthington get serious for once.

"Hey, what's wrong?" she gently prodded. "Business stuff bugging you? We don't have to go anywhere if you're busy, you know." She wasn't sure what was bugging him but going quiet was not a very Warren-esque thing to do.

Warren opened his eyes and looked at her directly. She wouldn't say anything. He was sure of it. "I'm planning on ousting my father."

"Oh," she started, realizing how serious Warren was being right now. Financial matters and corporate affairs were far from Bobbi's forté, but even she knew what something like that meant. It was right there in the word 'hostile,' after all.

"You know what's best, so if that's what you think you have to do then go for it, I suppose." She had no real advice to give, for she didn't know much about either the business aspect or the familial one, really. "And if there's anything you need from me to help, just say the word. I hope I don't have to say that but I'm saying it anyway." She didn't really know what she could do but the offer was always there.

Warren couldn't help but chuckle. "Honestly," he said, pulling her closer to him, "you can forget we even had this conversation, since that might come and bite you in the ass one day. But, I appreciate the offer." Pulling her close, he rested his chin on her head, mulling over her offer. After a few moments, he sighed. "You're a very genuine person, Bobbi. I think you're going to hate me one of these days. I'm too manipulative, I think. Nothing is straight forward for me, I'm afraid."

She placed one hand upon his chest as she was pulled in closer, lightly running it over him as she lay her head back on his shoulder. A raunchy quip about the biting remark came to Bobbi's mind, but she sensed this was a more serious discussion than she first thought.

"See," she started, tracing a 'B' on his chest, "there you go, manipulating me into not hating you, which is totally working, by the by." Finishing the 'B,' she started working on a 'W' next, idly pausing to consider straight a 'V' shape or a round 'U' shape. "Nothing is straight forward for anyone, really, but we all have to move forward at the end of the day, yeah?" She just wanted to do it together, she realized, as she finished her invisible tattoo with a heart shape.

It felt as cheesy as all get out as she thought about it, so then she stopped thinking about it, laying her hand flat on his bare chest.

Warren nodded, enjoying her ministrations. "At the risk of being rude by bringing up past relationships, Jean said the same thing and it took us a while to be friends again‎ after I royally botched that one."

"Yeah, well, then we'll have to try hard not to botch this... one." That's what this was, after all, wasn't it? It was one of those. Bobbi swallowed, not looking up at Warren as the realization hit her, instead waiting to see whether he said in response.