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Moment of Awesome: Amanda Sefton/Daytripper: Following up a lead on a series of curses afflicting the mansion, Amanda finds herself facing a ghost of her past - Adam Destine. TW: Violence and strong language.

"Free of him? That was you. I wanted him close to learn what I could. But he wasn't interested interested in sticking it in me." The pillars of red fire burned through her as Adam stepped closer to come face to face with her. "Remember that night, Amanda, we had both scored. Hard. Both of us had money and we put on those clothes we bought second hand and took his cut to the casino? Remember how swish we thought we were?"

Her body jerked and shuddered under the increased pain. Then, incredibly, a low chuckle escaped her; she'd seen grainy security footage of two skinny kids bluffing their way into the place and while she didn't have the memories herself, it had seemed so familiar somehow. "I remember. We totally cleaned up on the craps table. Before they threw our arses out for being underage. I told you those fake IDs were shite."

"I feel bad that I have to hurt you this much. You know, there's a place with us if you want it. We have the old man's skills. It could be different."

She met his eyes, her lips trembling with the effort not to keep screaming. "I can't, Adam. I wish I could."

"Do you? You know how badly you're going to die here." Another red beam materialized, lancing through her throat. "I just want the old man. The girl too, but I can make a deal for her. You can make this easy.”

She gagged and tried to reply. A few croaks escaped her before she was able to actually form words. "You can have Taboo. I don't give a fuck about him. Topaz... I can't let you have her, Adam. She's mine. My kid." Tears leaked from her eyes and she looked him as fully in the face as she was able, pinned as she was. "I love her."

"It's too late for her. You used to love Rack." Adam leaned close to her and captured her chin in his grasp. "I'll make you a deal. When we put the old man into hell, you can have time to make her beg for her life. I don't promise anything, but you can give her a chance."

She looked into his eyes, her expression raw with pain. "I'm sorry." Then her left hand snaked out and grabbed at his throat and she unleashed the full power of London into him. For those moments she ceased to exist, save as a conduit for an entire ancient city's rage and pain and confusion, and the turmoil of Brexit actually worked for her, adding to the clamour she was pushing through herself and into her tormentor.

Adam reeled back, choking on the onslaught that enveloped him. He tore the charms from his neck, as electricity flowed between them. "You fucking-"

The energy lances slid from her body and Amanda collapsed to the ground, barely able to push herself up to her knees. "You can't have her, Adam," she gasped, blood dribbling from the corners of her mouth. "I told you, she's mine."

"Fuck you!" He summoned his energy to himself. "You tired little whore!"

Amanda howled. Before had been about playing with her, this time he meant torment and death. Every fibre of her was consumed with burning red energy, a thousand needles stabbing into every part of her. All she knew was pain, beyond anything she'd ever experienced, even from Candra. She thrashed and convulsed under the onslaught, helpless before the agony, only one tiny sliver of rational thought left to her: escape.