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DJ: Mark Sheppard met the folks at the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs when an investigation into the disappearances of young mutants led them to his nightclub, Silver. After assisting them discover what happened, he signed on and now works as SV’s receptionist, bringing a rather goofy and flamboyant humor to X-Force. Mark possesses the mutant ability to metabolize sound into energy. In principle, this is very similar to Dazzler’s powers; his cells possess structures that absorb sound vibrations and use them to energize energy-carrying molecules, which can be released upon command. And like Dazzler, overloading on sound would be tremendously painful. Unlike Dazzler, though, Mark doesn’t just release visible light. He can convert sound into any form of energy that lies within the electromagnetic spectrum. However, his powers don’t work on command; he must be listening to music to do anything. The sound frequencies, bass beats, rhythms, harmonies, etc. elicit metabolism. So if he’s not listening to music or if he can’t hear it (e.g., he’s deafened), then he’s powerless.