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Moment of Awesome - Callisto: Forced to fight against her own people to prevent all-out war, Callisto takes on Berzerker in a no-holds-barred battle.

Callisto sighed, though her keen eyes were ever-moving, still searching the shadows. For now, it seemed to be just Berserker down there.

"Look, no offence, but you're really pissing me off and I don't think we're going to get anywhere by talking when you're in this mood. Can we just fight now?"

"Not even enough honour to face me yourself... Cal, putting you down is more of a mercy to you." He shifted and put his foot directly on the third rail. As he did, snakes of electrical fire lashed out from his body, scattering them as they smashed down into the tunnel.

"Hang on, hang on, you wanna go toe to toe, just you'n'me?" Callisto began to make her way along the platform toward the large mutant. "What are you, twelve? Berseker, this isn't Gladiators, I'm just trying to make this crap go away. Why would I indulge in some infantile pissing contest when there are innocent people's lives on the line? We are all gonna come at you at once, and if I could've got more people? I'd've brought more, and I don't care where they came from. So buckle the fuck up."

"Oh my God, so bored." The words, starting at a rather high-pitched tone, heralded Gabriel's sudden appearance to Berzerker's right. "I mean, seriously." He whirred back around to the front, standing next to Callisto. "Come on." In an instant, he stood behind the man, where Gabriel did his best to launch a kick to Berzerker's back.

The electrical field that he threw up forced Gabriel back, tiny arcs of electricity still spreading across his clothes. Berzerker's eyes were glowing as the sudden hum of electricity surging through him.

"Don't worry about me. Turning this building into a crater will make sure the Upworlders know to leave us alone. Burying you under it before I go is just one more way to protect the rest of my people."

Smiling grimly, Callisto reached into her inside jacket pocket, pulling on the rubber gloves she retrieved. "Right," she muttered. "Let's go."

Callisto reached the edge of the platform parallel with Berserker, turned to face him, and launched herself off it.

Berzerker was ready for her, as she dove into a stream of energy. The electricity washed over her, surged and writhing. Fortunately, being in mid-leap robbed him of a place to ground her, and the blast was merely painful, not fatal as she crashed into him. Berzerker noted the gloves, snarled and hit out instead, landing a solid haymaker over her left eye, sending her head snapping round, though she caught up with herself and spun with the punch's trajectory to lessen the impact.

The Morlock was no fool; her feet barely touched the ground before she lifted them again, springing up and throwing her whole body into a swinging kick, looking more like she was dancing than fighting as her boot slammed into Berserker's side. Callisto was faster than Berserker, she hit harder, and she was trying to stay ungrounded. He was going to have to catch her out.

"It's not going to be good enough, Cal." Berzerker made a clenching motion with his hand, and above her, two of the large lights suddenly flared and shattered, raining shards of hot glass down on her. He took a blow to the chest so he could brace and slammed his shoulder hard into the centre of her chest, knocking her backwards, though Callisto seemed undaunted, still on her feet, still dancing even as the hot broken bulbs fell.