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One To The Chest: After intercepting one of Marie-Ange's visions, Doug takes matters into own hands, and learns a very valuable (and painful) lesson in how Kevlar works, and the perils of interpreting precognitive dreams.

At a Red Cross blood drive, he saves Rahne Sinclair's life, but nearly at the cost of his own, pushing her out of the way of a stalker obsessed with Alison Blaire and armed with a rifle. The Kevlar vest he 'borrowed' from Scott's car saved Doug from the bullet, but not injury. For a moment, his heart stopped, and the force of the shot broke his ribs and bruised his sternum.

Despite the well-meaning intention behind his actions, Doug's lack of communication about his plans earned him several lectures and an extended lesson from Cyclops in just how the X-Men trained. The "in case I die" letters he sent to people didn't help any, either.