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Moment of Awesome - Hope Abbott/Trance: As part of her training with Doug Ramsey, Hope finds herself speed dating.

"Not kidding," Doug told her. "We still need to work on that blushing and stammering tendency of yours when it comes to flirting and discussion of sex and the like." He shrugged. "You're going to need to improve if you ever want to be the sort of player you're thinking about being."

"And speed dating will teach me that? I thought I handled Eric fairly well back at the art gallery." She still kept a smile on her face, observing the various people arriving. "Wait..." Something suddenly occurred to her from that night. "Whom am I going to be speed dating with exactly?"

Doug chuckled. "Equal opportunity. 50-50 ladies and gentlemen." He tapped a few keys on his phone. "Okay, the way it works is that you have about five minutes to make a good impression. Then, at the end, you indicate the people you want your contact information forwarded to, and if they also selected you, then you each get the information on the other person."

"Okay..." Hope nodded as she took in the information. "And my goal for tonight is? To get on the list with as many people as possible?" Maybe if she tried to think of it as an assignment, it would less... embarrassing?

"Studies say that the average speed dating participant winds up with about a 20 or 30 percent match rate." Doug looked at Hope, watching the slight flush in her cheeks. He raised an eyebrow. "I expect you to do better." He pulled up the event's particulars from the lounge's website that he'd signed her up on. "It says 'dates' are five minutes long, so in a two-hour event...you'll probably meet about 20 people. Your goal is 50 percent - men -and- women."

She tore her eyes away from the people still arriving. "Fifty percent? I am never..." She visibly stopped herself, before taking a deep breath. "Alright. Let's do this."