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Moment of Awesome - Miles Morales/Spider-Man II: In the aftermath of their battle in NYC, Miles discovers there are repercussions to keeping his Spider-Man identity a secret from his Gen X friends.

"Well, thanks for making that decision for us," Bobby muttered, rolling over to lay face down on the bed with and burying his head into a pillow. He was getting tired of all the BS and was pretty much in 'whatever' mode now. Which was all he could think of to add at this point in the conversation. "Whtevr," came his muffled voice.

"Bobby, come on." Miles frowned and turned his attention to the more rational Nica. "I'm sorry, okay? That I made you all think I don't trust you. I dunno what else to say."

"It's a start." Nica allowed, letting her posture relax just a little. "But I think you and Bobby have some stuff to hash out."

"Mmmmrrrph," Bobby muttered, shrugging from his prone position on the bed. He knew that she was right but he wasn't exactly in a talkative mood at the moment. There'd be lots more talking to come in the not too distant future but for now he just wanted to ignore everything.

Which was not Miles's preferred tactic. He wanted to face things head on. "'It's a start.' Ay. What else, then? Do you need to know my whole origin story? I got bit by a spider, no lie. Some experiment OsCorp was trying to do, that my uncle stole because turns out he's a super thief. Which is a whole other story. But other Spider-Man also got bit by a spider at OsCorp, so we know it's a whole thing. But I'm also a mutant, so I also have the zapping and camo."

"Yeah, it's a start. You break someone's trust, you don't just ask for forgiveness and it's all rainbows and unicorns," Nica retorted, nettled by his tone. "And it isn't as easy as telling us you won't do it again. It's gonna take time for us to trust you again like we used to." Her tone and expression softened slightly. "Which isn't to say you've fucked up for good. I count you as a friend, which means I'm not going to dump you the second you screw up." She untangled herself from the desk chair by the simple expedient of going intangible and floating upwards. "I'll leave you guys to have roomie time. You need it."

Miles watched her leave, frowning, before turning back to the still-sulking Bobby. Now with just the two of them in the room, he felt comfortable changing into something less spidery and triggering. "Can we please talk for real? Please?" he all but pleaded, tossing his costume onto his bed before rummaging through his drawers for shorts and a t-shirt.

"'Oo frrst," came Bobby's voice after a few seconds, still coming from underneath the pillow. He didn't really want to talk but clearly Miles wasn't going to just let it go. Nica was right anyway, they did need to talk, Bobby just didn't want to at the moment. He did move the pillow a little to better hear Miles though, which was progress, even if only in the slightest.

Which Miles greedily grabbed hold of. "What do I need to do to make you not hate me? I can handle it from pretty much anyone else, but not you. What do you want me to do to repent? Please tell me, Bobby."

"I don't hate you, I just..." Bobby said, finally emerging from behind the pillow. He knew he didn't hate Miles, he was just... disappointed wasn't the right word, because Miles didn't really owe him anything. He didn't know what it was, so he just sighed. "I dunno. I just want you to trust me, I guess."

"I do. I will." Miles sat on his bed, facing Bobby, pulling his knees to his chest, making his small frame even smaller. He didn't look like Spider-Man there, just a teenager distressed at the thought of losing the world he'd carefully crafted for himself. "I dunno, I kept this secret from everyone for so long that maybe it was just easier to keep it. I'm sorry I didn't think of what that'd mean to anyone else."

"I can kinda understand that, I just..." Bobby shook his head and shrugged. Why was it so hard to put into words? They were only roommates so Miles didn't have to tell him like everything, but still. It hurt, but why? Was it possible they were more than that? They were teammates, he told himself, so maybe that was it.

"I dunno. Just... let's forget about it, and here on out we're cool, yeah? I mean, I'm cooler because I'm the Iceman and all but still." He smiled just a tiny bit and flicked an itty bitty snow ball at Miles because he totally deserved that much at least, yup.

Miles the cold wetness from his check and glared at Bobby for all of a second before relief flooded through him. He could have melted into a happy puddle on his bed, he was so happy. "Yeah, man," he agreed, "the coolest."