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Moment of Awesome - Lorna Dane/Polaris : On the day of her wedding to Alex Summers, Lorna has to deal with a most unwelcome guest - her father.

The strange man who entered the bridal suite smiled. "Hello, Lorna." Though the voice was equally unfamiliar, his identity was immediately clear when he made a small gesture with his hand and the tent's entrance zipped up of its own accord.

"You really like making things difficult don't you? There are other ways than taking hostages to get my attention. You know, like a normal email. Or go old fashion and go by snail mail. Or postcard. I like postcards." Lorna turned to look at the man, who didn't look anything like her dad but she knew it was him.

"Well, when my invitation got lost in the mail — which I'm sure is the reason why I never received one — I figured the postal service was not so reliable." He stepped further into the tent, smiling as he examined his daughter. "Look at you. You look stunning. So much like your mother. She would have been so proud to see you here."

"I would had invited you but you kidnapped Alex and you are sort of wanted in several States, if not all. Probably still in the top ten of America's Most Wanted." Lorna pressed her lips together as she stared at him as he brought up her mom. "Did you really just come here to see me? This isn't where you ask me to come back to the fold?"

"My dear." He stepped forward and extended his hands to take hers. Though the image inducer made him appear to be a younger man, it did not disguise the feeling of his hands, rough, dry, and calloused from a lifetime of hardship and war. "What do I need to do to make you come back to me? You play at this sapiens-normative lifestyle but it's not where you belong."

Lorna squeezed his hands. "I'll visit more if you give the Brotherhood up. There is already so much pain, hatred, and fear in the world - I can't add to that. I already have blood on my hands and I don't want to add more. I am helping our kind, but just in a different way that doesn't require taking involving innocent people. Not everyone wishes mutants were gone. Granted not all politicians are good and some of them..." She took a deep breath in and out. Must not allow angry to control her - not on her wedding day. "I don't belong anywhere dad but I found someone who makes me feel belonged somewhere."

"But you do belong. With me. You and your husband-to-be, your sister and your brother, too. It is your birthright to fight for your people, not to sit behind a desk or run around doing other people's errands. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, Lorna. Don't coast through this time and regret it later. Return to the Brotherhood with me."

Lorna made a slight face and shook her head, "I believe in your ideals dad, but not the Brotherhood's way of handling those ideals. I've seen families ripped apart but I don't think causing more terrorism is the way to achieve a better life. It isn't easy but there are other ways." She couldn't bring up the fact that Alex and Wanda probably didn't want anything to do with him. As for her brother, only time would tell. "I wish, that just for one day, you can see what I actually do. Are the hostages safe?"

"I used to see as you do, before my eyes were opened." He sighed and gently let go of her hands. "They are safe for now. I was sincere to Charles. I will leave after the ceremony and let them free."

"You are a man of your word." She reached over and hugged the man, even if he looked like a complete stranger. "You're my dad. You don't need resort to violence to get my attention. I like flowers more. Lilies."