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Moment of Awesome: Sooraya Qadir/Dust: Following a near-death experience, Sooraya tells Angelica Jones about what - and who - she saw.

"Ouch..." Sooraya winced. "I don't remember... except... Angel... I think Yvette was there... It was so real..."

Angel frowned, tilting her head slightly. "Sooraya you were kind of.... out. Are you sure you weren't dreaming?"

"I mean... I don't think so." Sooraya frowned as she tried to make sense of what had happened. "I remember it so clearly. She told me to go back, Angel... I think I would have been gone otherwise... if she hadn't done that..."

"Well..." Angel hesitated before smiling. "Whatever it was, I'm glad you stayed."

"It's not the only thing she told me..."

"Yeah?" Angel said, checking again to make sure no one was nearby. "What else?"

"What did she mean with it? I..." Sooraya spoke to herself. "It doesn't make sense... Unless..." Suddenly she felt tears welling up in her eyes, the raw feeling in her throat becoming more fiery as she tried to stifle the sob that was trying to escape. Her face was lit up in wonder though.

"Sooraya," Angel said gently but firmly. "Talk to me. Please."

"She told me to have trust and to have faith..." Sooraya looked at Angel, her eyes gleaming wetly and glowing at the same time. "To have Trust and to have Faith. Angel, what have I been struggling with for so long?"

"Faith," Angel said at once. They'd had a lot of conversations about it.

"I told you about realizing that I still believe... that I was just very angry. What if..." Sooraya hesitated, thinking it through, before carefully venturing. "What if it's a message... a confirmation or something like that..."

Angel bit her lip uncertainly. "I.... I don't know, Sooraya. Maybe."

"What are you thinking, Angel?" Sooraya asked quietly.

"I don't know." Angel shook her head. "I think it depends on how you want to see it. If you told one of the science people they'd probably go on about hallucinations and lack of oxygen to the brain and blah blah blah. If you talked to a religious person they'd call it a sign. I don't know what to think." She paused, then added, "I'm jealous you got to talk to her though."

Sooraya's face fell. "I suppose that could be it... a hallucination..."

"Or it could be real," Angel reminded her gently. "No one knows. However you want to take it."

"If it was that..." Sooraya looked wistful. "... I wish we could have had more time. It was only a few words."