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MoA Sharon.png
Moment of Awesome - Sharon Friedlander: On a snowy day, Sharon asks Garrison Kane for a favour regarding a face from her past.

"Are we dick measuring right now? Because I've been out in the cold for a while so I'm at a disadvantage."

The snow crunched as Sharon firmly pushed her shovel into the snow. "Don't have one, so that is a little hard. I did notice you're going a little slow." She commented as she tossed the first shovel full of snow to the side. "Besides, I need some intel and I think you might have it."

"I wasn't but, you know, you do you." Kane said, concentrating on his lane. "What do you need?"

"Remember Qunbula, the exploding man, who seemed to be after me and my former squad mates? It looks like he has gone to ground and Salina and I haven't been able to find a trace." Sharon explained as quickly moved a few more shovels of snow aside. "We wondered if he'd gotten caught up in the normal justice system."

"Oh, that asshole. I'll put out some feelers on him."

"Thanks for doing that. Any idea where he'd be held if they got their hands on him?" Sharon leaned on her shovel for a moment, then moved towards a small heap of snow.

"Depends. Vault is most likely, but there's a lot of weird overlap right now with different agencies. I'll run him through the system and see if there's a hit." Kane said, still clearing snow rapidly. "Unless he's someone the system wants to bury, I should be able to get something."

"He was part of and trained by the Iraqi version of the Super Soldier program. He has at least Special Forces training and he can blow up whatever he wants, Kane." Sharon stated dryly. "If I were any agency holding him, I'd bury him deep enough he'd never see daylight again."