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Moment of Awesome - Alison Blaire/Dazzler: A frustrated Alison takes out her anger after being 'saved' from a mugging by Daredevil.

And just as Alison was about to move, some crazy in a red mask dropped from the building to her right and began to beat the hell out of the targets of her frustration. She was so taken aback by the turn of events, she didn't even remember to flood the alleyway with lights.

The nerve of some people.

With the would-be muggers scrambling away, Daredevil turned to Alison. "You alright, Alison? They didn't get your wallet or anything? You shouldn't be out alone like this."

"You..." She fished for the best word. "ASSHOLE!" Close enough.

And suddenly Alison was in her moment. Her blood sang. Everything was suddenly so strikingly vibrant and colorful and real. And she could hear, feel everything. And right now it was all focused on the jerk in front of her. "Do you have any idea how much I needed what you just stole from me? I have been going completely mad the last few days. I'm tired and anxious and can't stop moving and here was the perfect opportunity to let out some aggression. And you just took it from me! They were even asking for it! I just... Argh!" Alison threw her hands up, stomping around and gesturing wildly with her hands.

She had been so close. It was just... she didn't have words for how frustrated she was right now. So. Close.

Taking a step back, Daredevil wasn't expecting that. Maybe not gratitude, but he could practically feel the adrenaline and rage coming off her in waves. "I'm...sorry?" He replied, that not being a phrase Matt was used to uttering as Daredevil.

"Sorry?" she said slowly. "Oh, well. In that case, no, there's no problem at all. I mean, it's not like I've spent the past two weeks getting ready to jump down the throat of my classmates at school. It's not like I nearly punched the old man who asked me for directions the other day because I was so wired from being unable to sleep. It's not like I've screaming into a pillow in frustration at night and it's not like... it's not like... it's not..." She was panted, and put a hand to her eye.

Why was she so lightheaded? "It's not..." Did the ground just fall away? Or did she stumble? Had she stumbled towards the streets? Is that why the traffic sounded so loud? "It's... It's not like I can just..."

The buildings loomed overhead like a tunnel. The ground sloped like a mountain. And suddenly she was in a tunnel.