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Moment of Awesome - Garrison Kane/Dominion: Against a newly-transformed Worthy, Garrison employs that age-old tactic of "why are you hitting yourself?"

Angrir's face split into a rictus of glee as he nodded once. “To let me have all the fun, you are too kind.” Ignoring the panicked people briefly, he eyed the ones firm in their place, then moved forward towards them. With his free hand he took hold of the closest being by the collar of their shirt and flung them towards the floating child.

"Yikes!" Nica wasn't worried about being hit - she was in her light form after all and was intangible. But the man who was being used as a projectile was going to land hard. "Dominion, incoming!" she called, zipping out of the way so he could see what was coming. "Flyball your way!"

The Canadian braced himself and as the man came past, grabbed him from the air, letting his body absorb the impact. He set the man down, pointing at the exit before turning back.

"Ok, now you just crossed a big line, you fucking coward." Kane hissed as he moved up on Angrir. "Let's see you take on someone your own size for once." He knew he wasn't, and his last toe to toe with an Asgardian god had left him for dead and destroyed his mind. But they will willing to kill innocents without a second thought, like meaningless insects. Every part of Kane, from the cop to the X-Man had the same determination to protect people at his very core. He slipped under the arcing strike of the hammer and drove two punches directly into Agnrir's throat.

Angrir recoiled briefly from the blow, taking a half-step back to regain his footing. The grin dropped as he took a wheezing inhale, before shaking his head. Reflexively, his body shifted to a fighting stance and the rabid grin returned full force. "For once? Do not overestimate yourself, mortal!” Angrir snapped the final word, tightening his hold on the hammer to aim an upper cut underneath Kane’s chin with it in his grasp.

The hammer passed less than an inch from his chin. Angrir was far stronger, but he wasn't faster. And he hadn't been trained by Eugene Judd. Garrison slammed his forearm into the junction of Angrir's arm as the hammer passed, yanking it down before smashing the god's forearm with all his strength. The move crushed Angrir's own hammer directly into his face, sending him staggering back. "Want to bet, asshole?"