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Moment of Awesome - Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: During a fight to recover Denver International Airport from Cththon cultists, Wanda makes a discovery.

A woman smaller than Wanda lunged forward and slammed into her, curved knife held tightly in both hands. Staggering backward, Wanda managed to get her hands up in time to grab the wrists and stop the dagger from going any further. With their close proximity, she was able to slam her knee up into the woman's stomach, forcing the air out of her in a sharp gasp. Jerking her hands apart, the knife went flying and then the women went limp with a well-placed headbutt.

But as she dropped another, larger figure jumped on her back and Wanda dropped to one knee from the sudden weight, no knife in the hands of this one but she noted the glowing hands as they went for her throat. A shock ran through and her powers flared but a glimpse of the airplanes on the tarmac made her reel them in, despite the pain coursing through her body. Grunting with the effort, she reached up behind her and blasted the cultist point-blank in the face with a chaos bolt - there was no space to dodge and the man barely let out a gurgle as his face simply...melted.


Rubbing at her aching throat, Wanda was turning around to survey the area as well, grimacing not only in pain but also at the scene in front of her. "Well, luckily, we're old enough hands at this that we should be okay," she responded, taking a step forward to start in on the mess when something caught her eye. With the spell broken, movement was back to normal and debris started to settle as gravity kicked back in. So she wasn't surprised to see paper scatting across the floor, that was normal.

What was less normal was the old paper that suddenly appeared only a few inches from her foot marked with a crawling scrawl. Frowning, she crouched in front of it, careful to not touch it just yet - it didn't seem dangerous but it was older than anything else in the room and she felt something like a shiver run up her back by looking at it.

"I might have found something," she announced, using a discarded piece of cloth to pick it up. It turned out to be a yellow-ish, cracked, single piece of paper. Nothing that should have been at an airport. "We'll take a look at it when we have time but there's a chance one of the cultists dropped it. And if Chthon's minions had it, then we certainly want it."