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Moment of Awesome - Logan/Wolverine: Called to prevent the Morlocks killing a boatload of humans, Wolverine finds himself in a sticky situation.

"In the grand scheme of things, neither of us is wanted right now. And you're bringin' a lot of unwanted attention on us all," Logan growled as he unsheathed his claws then lunged forward to swipe at the man.

Incredibly, the man stepped towards the attack, letting Logan's strike swipe across his torso. Or it started to, at least - the movement was halted by the claws sinking into the sticky, tar-like substance of which the man was apparently composed.

"What the hell...." This didn't happen. The fights Logan was in, things either sliced cleanly through or broke into a million pieces. Sticking never happened. He yanked back hard to pull free, hearing a slick sucking sound as he did so.

His claws only partially escaped, the ends mired in the sticky goo. "Surprise." The man grinned again, reaching out with an elongated arm with an intent to wrap his fingers around Logan's throat.

Logan grunted and tried using the combined force of both pulling back and withdrawing to see if he could work himself free. No way was some walking fly trap going to get the best of him.

Tar-Baby bounced back and forth with the movement, like a balloon on a string being yanked backwards and forwards. It meant he lost his balance and wound up wrapping his fingers around Logan's upper arm and shoulder instead of his neck, but that only served to get Logan even more entangled. The tarry goo stuck to Logan's uniform, his skin and his hair, his claws... and it was slowly inching towards his face.

Logan would need to give himself the best decontamination he'd ever had after this shit show was over. He snarled and twisted his neck and shoulders as much as he could to keep the goo from getting where it obviously wanted to go. He kicked out at the upper leg of the oozing mess of a man, hoping he wasn't getting himself even more wrapped up.

He was, but Tar-Baby had made a discovery. He'd immobilised his foe, yes, but he'd used up all of his body to do it. He couldn't stretch any further, not even to cover Logan's nose and mouth and suffocate him. "Well, fuck," he said, feelingly.

Logan snorted. "Nice stalemate we got goin' on here." He continued to attempt to escape with no luck. Great. He was stuck in a walking talking version of a tar pit with no idea how the hell to get himself out of this. "Any chance you'd make both our lives easier and let me go?"