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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' Clint invites the mansion to a decorating party at [[Kimura Family |his and Matt’s fathers’]] apartment in New York; he also texts Matt to ask if he wants to spend the night before at the condo.
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' Clint invites the mansion to a decorating party at [[Kimura Family |his and Matt’s fathers’]] apartment in New York; he also texts Matt to ask if he wants to spend the night before at the condo.
'''[[December 2019|2019]]:''' Lorna and Kitty go holiday shopping together.
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 19th


2003: Sarah sees Miles/Leech for the first time since the Morlock Massacre. Miles doesn't remember her or the Morlocks.

2004: Scott and Betsy go for a drive in the snow, and find an ending. Alex finds Scott hiding in the library and tries to get him to stop moping. Forge sets Nathan up with a computer interface until his sight comes back. Jubilee confronts Nathan about the nightmare incident, until she realizes that when he's blind and in pain just might not be the best time. Nathan and Moira decide it's time to publicly announce her pregnancy. Manuel and Clarice spar with swords, but it ends awkwardly when he kisses her.

2005: After Tommy's first post to the journals, stating outright that he was FOH and refusing to apologise for it, some of his peers - ie Forge, Kyle, Marius and Jay - have mixed reactions. Arguments get heated and finally come to the exploding point. Ironically, it's the two predatory suitemates who wind up trying to play peacemaker, with less-than-successful results. Catseye is not impressed by this behaviour. X-Men Mission: Merry Christmas Magneto: Scott heads into the city for a lunch meeting - with Wanda's brother, who has some alarming news about his father's latest plans. They quickly develop a plan of their own. After Tommy's post, Terry spends some time yelling at him. When that doesn't get anywhere she runs off, directly into her boyfriend's arms. But not all is well in the state of Bobby-dom and Terry's bad day continues apace. A training session takes a startling turn when Alison, entirely unknowing, does something that finally shatters Nathan's reserve on one particularly sore subject. Jennie expresses appreciation for Bobby's efforts. Jamie asks for Moira's input into the mysterious and apparently powers-related colour-changing pyjamas. Jubilee asks Forge to help her move to New York.

2006: Living Pele: Scott and Garrison discuss Hawaii, and the problem of trouble-magnet younger siblings; later, Scott lets the mask slip with Jean and shows how relieved he is; Alex forgives Vida Rocca decides to never be a victim again. Laurie and Forge run into each other under the mistletoe and the resulting kiss gets a little out of control, possibly due to Laurie's powers. Shiro makes his report and informs the team he and Alex will be returning in a couple of days. Lorna announces her impending departure for the holidays. Nathan invites Rahne to Muir for Christmas. Ororo and Nathan come up with a unique way to deal with the conflicts within the team.

2007: V=IR: In Vienna, Forge and Doug uncover another code from Tesla, leading them to Siberia.

2008: Manuel goes to Morgan, concerned about what his powers have done to Callie and she pulls him into bed with her to absorb his mimic; together, Manuel and Morgan fix Callie and Morgan has some pointed remarks later about Manuel's continual anger and depression. Julian catches the Apple Ninja at work. Manuel goes to apologise to Jean-Paul for the powers accident. Laurie collapses at tae kwo do and is rushed back to the mansion by Doug; Jean confirms Laurie has pneumonia; Doug asks for a lift back to the dojo to get his car and street clothes. Callie makes Julian cookies to apologise for the previous evening. Nathan teases Jane about her dating Richard Malcolm in Tel Aviv and later she and Julio get their revenge by booby trapping Nathan's office. Scott and Jean have a cute moment over cast art. Jean-Paul is forced to bring the rat to his meditation session with Nate and is mocked.

2009: Nico isn't sure about the Winter Ball due to lack of dresses (and dates) and Marie-Ange makes a suggestion. This Devil's Workday: Adrienne posts to her journal to let people know she's still in Chicago; Cammie visits an old connection but gets no information on her deceased friend. Warren comes to the Winter Ball at Jay's request and they have a quiet dance together out of sight.

2010: Amanda takes Nico out to a local county park so she can recharge and lays down some ground rules for Nico's new mutation.

2011: David conducts a new hire session with Cammie and manages to survive the experience and give her work. He later shows up at Vanessa's with a bottle of alcohol and coaxes answers out of her. X-Men Mission: X-Mas in Milwaukee: Creative thinking leads the FBI team to the home of Craig Hollis, who ends up being shot by Abigail Brand.

2012: Sue e-mails Clarice and Tandy about making some home-made Christmas stockings. Billy posts a graphic outlining the 7 day forecast and disavows any responsibility for the same should it occur. Scott announces Vance has moved to the West Coast Annex to focus on powers training. Marie-Ange comes to see Angelo at the office and issue certain friendly threats. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry about watching the Miss Universe Pageant.

2013: Laurie texts Doug about going to see Catching Fire for the first date; on the drive back to the mansion, Doug and Laurie discuss Genosha. Deal With The Devil/Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart: Amanda posts explaining the reasons behind the mansion attack and asking for donors for a healing spell for Callisto; Amanda emails Billy and Topaz thanking them for their separate roles in the rescue.

2014: Wade also posts about the footprints and says that they might have a Yeti or finding a bigfoot that he is going to call him Harvey. Gabriel says there is something in the woods as he also say the footprints and some broken branches. Jessica also makes a comment about the footprints in the woods and says she is going to stay inside. Rogue texts Molly saying she has a mission for her and would she like to accept it.


2015: Emma sets up a meeting with X-Force, and instructs Artie to see a doctor. Xavier makes an announcement that Amelia Voght is relocating to Muir Island to work with Moira MacTaggart. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry about the annual Miss Universe costumes and invites people to come watch. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Emma sits down with X-Force for a meeting about her concerns re another distress call on the astral plane; Amanda and Wanda use the astral plane to isolate the source of Emma's telepathic SOS. Kyle is unhappy about Dori breaking up with him and leaving, and talks things over with Angel.


2017: Clarice finds a site specialising in baby werewolf dolls and teases Kyle about it being his baby pictures, which leads to memories of his dead mother and drinking in Texas.

2018: Clint invites the mansion to a decorating party at his and Matt’s fathers’ apartment in New York; he also texts Matt to ask if he wants to spend the night before at the condo.

2019: Lorna and Kitty go holiday shopping together.