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'''[[December 2017|2017]]:'''  
'''[[December 2017|2017]]:'''  
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' <i>Murder They Tweeted</i>: Quentin discovers two things in the morning: he's in bed with Hank, and his telepathy is back.
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' <i>[[Murder They Tweeted]]</i>: Quentin discovers two things in the morning: he's in bed with Hank, and his telepathy is back.
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 2nd



2004: Nathan has a breakthrough with his own precognition with help from Alison and her very, very sneaky Askani tutor. Scott gets reacquainted with Manuel and tells him a little about the recent past.

2005: No Way Out: Tommy finally comes out of his room for food, at the same moment Jay decides it's mid day snack time; unstable after his run-in with Tommy, Jay receives some support from Forge. Skeleton Coast: Nathan, Pete, Cain and Alison arrive at the Eris camp outside in the desert, and the Eris personnel promptly run away; Alison, though she doesn't find Domino, makes some headway of a very unexpected sort; Domino, still in her cell when chaos breaks out, seizes the first opportunity to escape. Thankfully (given the content of Nathan's vision) she doesn't get very far and she's not quite as happy to see Pete as she should be, at least not right away; outside, Cain and Nathan spot Gideon; Cain and Nathan chase Gideon; Gideon finds himself in the position of facing a furious, psimitar-bearing telekinetic out in the open where Nathan doesn't have to worry about collateral damage; the cavalry arrives; Nathan is drugged by his father to prevent him killing Gideon; the laptop Alison liberated turns out to contain potentially invaluable information about the network of training camps for young mutants that Eris helped set up in Africa; later, Alison brings Nathan the letter she found. A number of questions get answers, and yet more are raised. Lost In The Woods: In the boathouse, Remy tries to come to grips with betrayal; Doug, Marie-Ange and Jubilee get a surprise visitor... or maybe not so much of a surprise to at least two of them; when it comes to Amanda's turn for a visit from Tante Mattie, she finds that things aren't always as you expect them to be; on the way out, Marie-Ange catches Remy, and gives him a gift. Amanda posts to say goodbye before she leaves for New Orleans, also leaving a note on Pete's door.

2006: Terry and Scott argue about the implications of Jean's return for Bobby; Scott later discusses it with Jean. Nathan asks Kurt to train Rachel in gymnastics. Logan and Marie discuss his feelings for Jean, and she gets frustrated enough to slap him. Logan's conversation with Shiro about honour and second chances goes much better. Operation: Xorn: Pete calls in Haller and Forge to assist with the Xorn situation and calls Remy back from Europe; Forge meets with Essex to discuss the requirements for Xorn's containment helmet; Betsy encounters Essex and it goes about as well as could be expected; Sofia and Essex are rather more productive; Haller goes to Snow Valley and realises who their receptionist is, before meeting with Essex.

2007: Operation: Melittology: Sarah and Amanda trace a connection to a plane charter company; Doug and Illyana meet with a contact and get further information; Amanda and Sofia establish a previous client of the charter company were the smuggling ring from New York; Sarah and Marie-Ange go through the surveillance photos on the charter company; Remy sends Mark, Wanda and Illyana to Germany to spy on the owner of the charter company. Jean-Phillipe Colbert arrives at the mansion, seeking powers help.

2008: The Magnificent Seven: Cable and Phoenix are discussing options when T'Challa tells them contact has been lost with the border guards; with attacks on the borders and Ilyas Saidullayev attacking the town of Kanda, Phoenix and Cable deploy to deal with him, leaving Roulette heading the remainder of the team; Emma finds Tara Trask via the astral plane and prepares to pounce; Roulette and Sway attempt to stop the city being shelled; Havok (Squirt) has a run-in with Amber Hunt and manages to outwit her; Emplate and Domino try to protect T'Challa from an attack by the Taygetos mutants; Emma tracks down Trask, but is blindsided by Carly Alvarez; Phoenix and Cable battle Saidullayev, having to resort to a gestalt to take him down as they discover he is using Kick; T'Challa almost sacrifices himself to stop the attack on his city, but at the last moment JeanandNathan recreate the Panther and terrify the opposition into fleeing; Emma has to separate the consciousness of Jean and Nathan from each other; Scott reports on x_team about the situation. The inevitable happens and Julio meets Nori's parents; it's awkward. Adrienne emails Emma about the Hellfire Club.

2009: Jan posts about her health and Black Friday shopping. Amanda leaves a printout of an image on Doug's computer while he is away from his desk; Doug posts threatening whoever left the "gift". Catseye emails Kurt and Yvette about driving upstate to check up on her father and Megan about dyeing her catform black for her.

2010: The Gift: Crystal, Nico and Dori discover they are prisoners of Nico's parents, who plan to use Nico in some kind of ritual.

2011: Clarice posts about the incident at the hospital where she was observing, and about having to speak to the Dean of Students about what happened. Bobby surprises Terry with a date, which goes somewhat awkwardly.

2012: Sue texts Tandy to see if she is okay and what happened and that she is sorry for not making it to the medlab. Adrienne posts that she will be in Ohio with Tandy for the funeral and that the students will feel her wrath if anyone is disrespectful, also she makes sure that everyone watches the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to keep up the the tradition. Hope helps Tandy pack for her trip back to Ohio. Hope emails the students, minus Tandy, and says that she is ordering some flowers for the funeral and asking if anyone wants to sign the card. Clint emails Sharon and asks if she could give him and Tandy a lift to the see The Hobbit for the midnight viewing when it comes out.

2013: Callie posts on the journals asking for volunteers to help with decorating the mansion. Megan talks about a new art project and gets some advice from Marie-Ange.

2014: Lorna posts asking how many people there will be at the mansion this Christmas.


2015: Clint makes Amanda dinner and they talk, establishing some trust.



2018: Murder They Tweeted: Quentin discovers two things in the morning: he's in bed with Hank, and his telepathy is back.