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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' <I>[[X-Men Mission: Skull Island]]:</I> Christian Kane meets with the X-Men to ask for help with a group of Chinese mutants seeking a crash site and valuable information on Skull Island.
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' <I>[[X-Men Mission: Skull Island]]:</I> Christian Kane meets with the X-Men to ask for help with a group of Chinese mutants seeking a crash site and valuable information on Skull Island.
'''[[December 2019|2019]]:''' Kitty posts about her excitement for the upcoming ''Little Women'' film and her plans to see it.
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 21st - William Kaplan's Birthday


2003: Monet St Croix arrives.

2004: Dani and Forge get to know each other and he agrees to go to the reservation. Haroun and Alison try to have a normal day, but it's interrupted by one winged boy and one small dragon being blown off course through their window, and said dragon's owner coming to the rescue.

2005: Terry consults Kylun, who is predictably understanding and offers to have a "talk" with Jay and Bobby for her. Scott follows up on his discussion with Pietro by looking for Lorna. Lorna doesn't want to have anything to do with the mission. After dinner, Alex picks up on Lorna's unease. She tells him about Scott's request and he is about as happy about it as you'd expect. Clarice expresses her appreciation for the concert Cain took the kids to and asks for volunteer models. Alison makes an official post for planning of the holiday. Nathan emails Alison to apologise and Pete to invite him and Domino to Muir Island for the holidays. Scott panics about his sudden lack of time management skills.

2006: The students prepare for the ball. Laurie brings Haller food and they talk about her powers training. Mark emails Forge about the HeliX benefit at New Year's. Alex returns to the mansion, for good this time. Fight Night - as a training and morale exercise, the staff box each other into various stages of bruising. Remy receives a delayed postage from Infectia, and the brownstone is put under quarantine for a week as the biological agent contaminates the main foyer.

2007: Jean announces that Farouk is unwell. Amanda asks about Christmas plans and Kurt invites people to the winter gathering of the clan; Kurt comes across Jane whilst walking Triscuit and invites her to come to Germany. Nathan lets the mansion inhabitants know they have a king in their midst; T'Challa comes by the Elpis offices and encounters Angelo and Juliette. Jane emails Yvette to invite her to make Christmas cookies before the trip to Germany. V=IR: Forge and Doug run into Milan and Fabian Cortez on the Trans-Siberian railway and have a confrontation that results in them having to cut their car loose to escape; making it to a village, they resort to horseback, much to Forge's disgust. Laurie is displeased at the loss of her leftovers. Yvette is moping about the mall, and Laurie comes to find her in the woods.

2008: Catseye thanks her mystery benefactor for the catnip, and then emails Kyle to ask if he'd like it for Shamu, as she doesn't like the effect it has on her. Manuel emails a list of restaurant options for Christmas and then later posts regarding his plans and is encouraged by Amara to spend at least part of the holiday at the mansion. Amara lets people know she'll be making a Christmas meal for those at the mansion for the holiday. Callie and Jean-Paul exchanges gifts and she meets Jenner the rat.

2009: Amanda posts to let people know that the Szardos Clan is going to Germany on the 23rd after Meggan's birthday and taking Nico along. Catseye visits Kevin to pick up a Christmas present she asked him to make for Nick and gives Kevin his Christmas present. This Devil's Workday: Cammie undergoes 'purification' in the Brewster House by the Purifiers. Doug and Marie-Ange practice Doug's cover story for his return home regarding the injuries he sustained during Day Zero. Amanda takes Nico to the medlab to talk to Hank about her test results.

2010: Megan explains why she was in England and that she was unsuccessful in tracking her sister down.

2011: Yvette reminds everyone that the student Secret Santa gifts will be handed out after dinner that night. Doug and Jubilee go ice skating. The student Secret Santa gifts are distributed by Clarice and Yvette. Sooraya posts about her first week at Elpis and asks for help with shopping for business clothes. Yvette posts to the grads about Maddie and Artie squabbling on the journals. Vanessa and Haller have lunch, and Haller manages to shed some light on Vanessa's shifting issues.

2012: Operation: Poisoned Honey: Remy posts to x_snowvalley about the deaths of two members of their network and the need of answers for what’s going on. Yvette posts to her journal asking if anyone’s seen her hairnet. Lorna texts Angel about her ferrets being potentially on the loose. Billy e-mails everyone who attended his party to thank them for the same. Angel makes a journal entry apologizing for her ferrets’ misappropriation of shiny objects. Clint texts Tandy about their kiss during the prior evening. Wade texts Marie-Ange to ask if she’s free for New Year’s Eve. Maddie texts Clint about his kiss with Tandy. Haller and Betsy discuss holiday plans. Clarice comes across Artie using his powers to get beer in a bar in New York.

2013: Laurie posts about spending Christmas with her parents (separately) and asking what everyone else's plans are. Amanda posts announcing a Christmas gathering at the Brownstone for the Trenchcoats, friends, and family. Hope posts about her grandmother coming to visit, and wondering how to explain the demon damage.

2014: Clint leaves four tickets to Interstellar on Billy’s pillow. Clint texts Gabriel asking if he is working tonight. Wades ponders if someone got the twelve days of Christmas backwards as they left eight bobble-headed table dancers, seven packs of redman, six cans of spam, five flannel shirts, four big mud tires, three shot gun shells, two plush hunting dogs, and some parts to a Mustang GT in his and Clarice’s common room. Kurt and Jubilee have some time together in the hospital.


2015: Laurie posts to medical staff only about potentially adjusting their rosters and schedules. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Kevin and Domino dig up a little information regarding security from a 'motivated' crew man; X-Force is able to gather enough information to launch an operation. Adrienne texts Emma about her Christmas plans this year. Amanda makes a journal entry letting people know she’ll be working this festive season.

2016: Garrison posts about a Christmas celebration at Harry’s. Miles posts about being accepted at Columbia University, but being unable to afford it. Miles texts with Ganke about the same issue.

2017: Maya doesn’t like Christmas and makes sure people know.

2018: X-Men Mission: Skull Island: Christian Kane meets with the X-Men to ask for help with a group of Chinese mutants seeking a crash site and valuable information on Skull Island.

2019: Kitty posts about her excitement for the upcoming Little Women film and her plans to see it.