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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:'''  
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:'''  
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 23rd


2003: Alison smuggles the Guthrie clan to Salem Centre to visit Paige and Sam. Emma reads about Shaw Industries winning a contract to build a detention facility for super-powered criminals called the Vault. Alex is released from medlab.

2004: Forge gets a taste of what Dani's uncontrolled power can do. Scott and Alex arrive at their grandparents' for the holidays.

2005: Hours after her encounter with Haroun, a distraught Domino shows up under Nathan's bedroom window. The two of them have a talk that was long overdue in a lot of ways, and good for both of them, however difficult it is. X-Men Mission: Merry Christmas Magneto: In Hawaii, Pietro waits for the arrival of Scott and the team. Toad, of course, jumps to the conclusion that they're there for his new prized gadget. Toad turns out to have protected his gadget - rather well, as a matter of fact. Sam and Cain ponder the problem. So does Lorna. Rematch time, as Toad spots Jean. But there's been a lot of water under the bridge since Liberty Island, and Toad is no match for Phoenix. Back to the forcefield. Sam and Cain indulge in a little nostalgia. It doesn't precisely work. Scott, sitting in the plane, is joined by Pietro, with the list. Pietro doesn't take Scott's concern for him very well, but that's just his way. It turns out that it's a very good thing Lorna's on-site. She's the only one who can figure out Toad's remote. Elsewhere, the last part of the plan falls into place as Alison knocks Pietro out, somewhat ostentatiously. Wanda lies in wait for Scott in his office and demands something out of him. Scott doesn't mind but Pietro might. Haroun's sitting on the back porch enjoying some tea and the view of the back yard when Nathan joins him to talk about Domino. Bobby posts from his parents' house to wish the school happy Christmas. Jamie also posts from his family's farm, and acts as go-between for his mother and Alison's talk in code.

2006: Nathan, Angelo, Rahne and Sooraya go to Muir for the holidays. Sam and Marie horserace. Marius is invited to go back to Jennie's father's house for the holidays, with a minimum of threats. Logan and Crystal encounter each other for the first time since the incident in the Gym, and they neatly avoid talking about anything. Scott and Kurt discuss leaving Mystique to the Chinese Army and Scott suffers traumatic amnesia in the middle of it.

2007: V=IR: Doug and Forge discover Tesla's machine in Croatia, but find Milan and Fabian Cortez have tracked them to the site; Forge activates the machine and it isn't a weapon - it's a storage device for Tesla's brainwave imprints, and the inventor is unhappy with Milan; a fight breaks out, and Forge is overwhelmed by Cortez and Milan's powers, almost dying of overload; Tesla expends his energy to revive Forge; Doug takes Forge back to Muir for treatment/observation and alerts the X-Men and X-Force as to what happened. Warumbe: T'Challa discovers agents within his own country were responsible for Moses' escape and returns to Wakanda.

2008: Mechanisms of Revenge: Nick Fury informs Charles Xavier that Apocalypse has been broken out of his prison. Lil asks for clarification on Christmas dinner plans. Lil emails Bishop about a chocolate drought. Amanda thanks Wanda for her surprise, and threatens her with revenge for not coming also. Bishop and Manuel go Christmas shopping for the women in their lives. Manuel sends a clarification email to those going for dinner Christmas Eve. Jean-Paul gets thrown in the lake for his gift to Nathan. Left to rat-sit for Jean-Paul, Morgan wonders on the journals if she can train Jenner to chew on Laurie when she tries to escape. Emma sends Adrienne Christmas greetings. Morgan encourages Adrienne to try talking to Manuel again. Nathan fires Lil from Elpis, for her own good.

2009: Kurt posts to wish Meggan a happy birthday. Vanessa visits Adrienne to cheer her up after Adrienne's nose is set and the two discuss Cammie. Marie-Ange thanks the person who put a present on her desk. Manuel soothes Cammie's aches and pains while they talk about what happened.

2010: Jean lets people know she'll be at the West Coast Annex spending Christmas with Scott. Megan wishes Meggan a happy birthday.

2011: David texts Wade about the delivery of a clock. Meggan posts about the birthday gift she got from Korvus - a beating plush heart. Yvette approaches Adrienne about helping out a new clothing store in District X. Angelo invites Molly to have dinner with his family for Christmas. Matt thanks his secret Santa for his Christmas present - whoever it was. Korvus and Molly lift weights in the gym. Layla posts about the awesome skateboard she got from her secret Santa.

2012: Operation: Poisoned Honey: While at one of her usual haunts, Cammie meets a kindred spirit. Tandy texts Sue about a movie she’s excited for them to watch. Megan makes a journal entry about surviving her first Christmas season in retail and that she has cards to pass out to people. Artie texts Dori to let her know he’s staying on Marie-Ange’s couch after a rigorous powers training session and to let everyone know he’s ok. Johnny runs into Laurie practicing archery, resulting in hilarity (or at least terror) for all.

2013: Laurie emails Doug about a picture taken of them under the mistletoe.

2014: Adrienne emails Rogue about how to end the Yeti prank. Amanda leaves a necklace for Meggan for her birthday. Cecilia texts Wade to tell him his Christmas present won’t arrive in time for Christmas and that she doesn’t know why. Laurie posts asking people what their Christmas plans are. Laurie emails Doug to ask if she should invite him to her mom’s for dinner. Rogue texts Jubilee asking for help with the Yeti endgame. Laurie emails Wade asking if he and Marie-Ange can come to her mom’s for Christmas dinner.


2015: Nica posts to let people know that she is going to her grandparents in Seattle and will see everyone next year. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Kevin, Domino, and Amanda find a nasty surprise in the security room; Emma and Wanda make a similar discovery with their meeting with the Captain; Jubilee and North continue to shadow the cruise ship, using the information feed to them to narrow down their targets.

2016: Miles confronts Warren about a mysterious scholarship offer he received. Cecilia posts about it snowing in the Sahara. Garrison and Adrienne go to the mall and get a photo with Santa. Bobby and Miles exchange Christmas presents before one of them goes home for the holidays.

2017: Bobbi and Warren share a little Christmas moment together.