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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:'''  
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:'''  
'''[[December 2019|2019]]:''' Darcy asks if she’s able to bury herself in Stardew Valley now that she’s on vacation.
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 24th - Christmas Eve, Kurt Sefton's birthday


2003: Clarice Ferguson arrives. Alex runs away. Lorna begins regaining consciousness. Monet gets teleported home by Gateway for Christmas.

2004: Dani volunteers for work in the kitchen. She and Lorna go shopping, but she has another powers attack before they get back.

2005: Betsy goes back to England to spend Christmas with her family.

2006: Kurt has his 30th birthday and the papers to officially change his name come through. He and Amanda discuss the manifestation of his teleportation in a journal thread. Marie and Kurt remind each other family is more than the one you're born to. Locked in the brownstone, Marie-Ange gets high off Mark's brownies and Doug and Amanda have a close encounter with mistletoe in front of her. Haller emails the Snow Valley crew and Betsy, to see how they're doing.


2008: Jean-Paul drops off his remaining Christmas gifts before leaving. Adrienne gate crashes Manuel's swimming session and things go well until Manuel takes offence at being tease-ogled by both Adrienne and Morgan. Shiro and Jean-Paul arrive in Quebec to drive Jean-Paul's old family friend and Shiro gets to hear a lot more about the teacher than Jean-Paul is comfortable with. Adrienne asks Morgan to go to Mass with her.; Morgan posts to the journals asking if anyone else is interested in going. Manuel meets Julian in the rec room writing Christmas cards. Doug visits Laurie and tells her of Master Lee's requirements for when she returns to training.

2009: Crystal posts to wish people a Merry Christmas. Wanda stops in on Marie-Ange in France and they discuss family. Remy catches Jubilee trying to sneak into his apartment and they have a conversation. Nico meets another Szardos, inquires about the family traditions, and passes the time with Kurt. During their first day in Puerto Rico, Amara and Bishop head to the beach.

2010: Megan posts a collage of the photos she took in England (with some public access additions). New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: Marie-Ange buys herself some more time by sleeping with New Orleans Guilds|Daniel Boudreaux and they discuss her options in preventing the future she saw relating to New Orleans Guilds|Shirow Ishihara.

2011: Adrienne posts about the gift of a giant plush pig and her plans to spend Christmas with her sister. Amanda posts wishing Kurt a happy birthday and the surprise visit of their family. Meggan thanks her secret Santa. Scott and Jean spend the night in a Manhattan hotel, but as Jean is overcome by nightmares the night doesn't end as happily as they had hoped. Emma and Adrienne share a Christmas which devolves into a fight between the sisters.

2012: Operation: Poisoned Honey: The X-Force team in Madrid capture their assassin; calling a number found on the assassin, the team discovers that their ambush was not the only one in play; in New York, Cammie’s new friend lets a couple of his own acquaintances into the Brownstone and is spotted by Bucky Barnes; the Brownstone is attacked by what turns out to be the Serpent Society; Marie-Ange sends an email to Xavier’s staff informing them that Artie was injured during the attack; upon the field team’s return, Remy has some words and an ultimatum for Cammie. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange, asking for her whereabouts, and then texts Angelo to inform him of the same. David texts Wade to inform him of the attack and that Marie-Ange is in the clinic. Rachel surprises Angelo with a call. Tandy texts Clint asking him what he is up to. Wade texts Marie-Ange with an offer of food. Rachel calls Kurt to check in and deliver her well wishes. Jubilee texts Kurt, requesting food after leaving the hospital. Wade checks in on Doug via text.

2013: Amanda wishes Kurt a Happy Birthday.

2014: Jubilee posts mentioning that if a telepath put the song Do You Want To Build A Snowman? in her head there will be repercussions. Wade texts North to tell him he’s kidnapping North for Christmas. Rachel texts Clint to ask if ‘the thingy’ is on tonight. Jean posts about Scott taking her to Italy for Christmas. Rogue posts asking people which power they would choose to have if they didn’t have their own.


2015: Quentin emails X-Factor Investigations saying he is going home for the holidays and will be back Tuesday or Wednesday and not to get killed by hairy mutant-hunting mutants. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: X-Force decides to make their move on the ship, starting with security; Emma, Amanda, and Felicia move to secure the Captain; Domino and Wanda take on roving security; North and Jubilee stage a violent assault on the bridge; Emma finally discovers the source of the call for help they’ve been seeking and makes some hard decisions in regards of it; the rest of X-Force starts the evacuation as they leave the ship and the passengers to their own devices; Kevin emails X-Force about his contacts in South Africa that the mutates are going will be off-loaded in Genosha where they will be found and sent to the right government group. A small box of IOU 1 fancy dinner and a birthday card from Jubilee is delivered to Kurt.

2016: With Extreme Prejudice: Maya posts about the cop getting off.

2017: Cecilia announces there are Christmas pasteles in the kitchen.


2019: Darcy asks if she’s able to bury herself in Stardew Valley now that she’s on vacation.