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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:'''  
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:'''  
'''[[December 2019|2019]]:'''
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 30th



2004: Shiro and Alex talk over IM and Alex comes up with a dastardly plan. Nathan shows Haroun around Muir and gives him some advice about his relationship with Alison.

2005: Bobby comments on the eerily quiet mansion and asks about New Year's Eve plans.

2006: Jennie and Cain have an encounter in the woods and discuss her powers. Kurt posts to the journals about his recovery. Marius comes to visit Kurt and they talk around the accident.

2007: Mr Pinstripe Suit: Wanda and Kurt go to the competition and meet with the organiser, Mr. Gregory Wilson; after the competition, the pair return to the brownstone, both exhausted; Remy finds Wanda collapsed and takes her for medical attention; Amanda is amused to find Kurt still passed out the next morning. Forge leaves for Texas and gets delayed.

2008: On the way back from her trip with Christian Kane, Marie stops in Canada and seeks out a much recovered Logan. Meggan wishes everyone a happy Christmas and New Year. Morgan posts a Quentin Crisp quote in her journal that bothers Manuel. Jan is excited about a Pennsylvania Peep drop for New Year's. Bishop emails Manuel and gives him some advice about letting others dictate his reactions; Jennie offers booze and sanctuary; Bishop offers a challenge to the rest of the mansion to prove something to Manuel. Lil asks Bishop out for New Year's. Operation: Anansesem: In Japan, Doug, Sarah and Sofia reflect on their lack of anything useful, except that a lot of research on summoning magics is missing; Farouk takes Wanda to England and Romany Wisdom; Romany tries to identify the problem but it drives Wanda into another fit; in Africa, Remy's team comes across a complication in the form of a child prostitution ring and take down Gambit's old contact, the White Ghost. Laurie goes to apologise to Kyle and winds up being hauled down to Jean. Jean-Phillipe emerges for food and continues his conversation with Yvette about his connection to Magneto. Sam encounters Inez in the gym after a particularly bad day at work in town.

2009: After mistaking her for an errant paparazzo, Warren takes Angel for a surprise flight, and they come to an arrangement. Jay and Sam hang out at a dance club and Jay tries to convince Sam to be less of a hermit. Doreen, Julian, Megan and Nico arrive at her grandfather's farm in California for New Years.

2010: Vanessa encounters Hank in District X and a friendly kidnapping for coffee turns into a chase after a purse snatcher.

2011: Sarah V and Layla take a walk in the woods during which Layla collapses; Sarah calls Dr. McCoy in a panic.

2012: Matt learns to ski while Sue helps before a snowball fight and hot chocolate ensue. Auld Lang Syne: Molly runs into Callie for the first time since Genosha but starts behaving strangely.

2013: In need of a study break, Laurie texts Doug. Jubilee texts Tabitha, saying she’s bored.

2014: Gabriel asks Namor about his New Year’s Eve plans. Namor announces his return from Attilan and notes the mansion should have received a fruit basket for Christmas. Doug posts about the infamous Play-Doh dildo.


2015: Jubilee posts about what makes people get up in the morning. Lorna posts about having to shield herself from solar storms. Fourteen introduces themselves on the journals. Wade texts Logan about self destructing Weapon X facilities. Clint texts Angel about antivenom testing.


2017: Maya posts in her journal about Kyle’s dad. She then posts in the Generation X comm asking about New Year’s Eve plans. Gabe posts about how his tips are going to suck due to the cold weather.