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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' Laurie texts Kyle to ask if he can smell electronics.
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' Laurie texts Kyle to ask if he can smell electronics.
'''[[December 2019|2019]]:'''
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 4th


2003: X-Men Mission: Syria: Logan is brought back to the school. Cain organizes the first repairs of the school with the students. During a training accident, Marie senses something dark in Piotr's past.

2004: Remy's Eleven: Remy, Pete and Nathan begin planning to steal back some Cerebro files from the wrong hands.

2005: Moira wakes up on Sunday morning to find that her husband has spontaneously reappeared in bed. He reassures her that everyone who went to Africa came back in one piece and they finally get the chance to talk a little bit about what happened the week before before Rachel breaks the tension with some levitating. No Way Out: Tommy tries to commit suicide, but Jean happens to pass by in time to stop him, and later informs selected staff of what happened. Moira gives Domino a once-over and Domino talks Moira out of welcoming Pete home with a broken nose. Haroun has a bad mobility day. Madelyn goes home to be with her sick father, leaving presents and inviting anyone who wants to visit to Edinburgh.

2006: Scott takes Forge on a test flight of the new afterburners on the Blackbird. Terry and Pietro meet. Medusa asks to volunteer at the Elpis office.Operation: Xorn: On the plane, Haller and Mark discuss the hook-up that wasn't; X-Force invade China and rescue Xorn; Xorn decides to wander the world afterwards.

2007: Jishin Da! The students sightsee in various parts of Japan. Angelo is overwhelmed by puppy-ness. Operation: Melittology: Doug and Wanda catch sight of their target and plans are made; X-Force attacks the hanger, intent on rescuing the latest cargo, only to discover it's a trap set by Von Strucker's friend/experiment, Swarm; Wanda is stung and nearly dies, her powers going haywire; Amanda uses magic to save her and Remy, Mark and Sofia combine to drive Swarm back whilst Marie-Ange shields everyone else; Wanda is taken to a local hospital. Forge mentions having issues getting Jean-Phillipe on the journals due to his powers.

2008: Clarice celebrates the near-end of her exams. Mark is happy about the release of the new Britney Spears album. Wanda gets an old message from during Day Zero from someone claiming to be working for her father; Wanda sets Doug to finding out what happened to him and notifies Remy that it appears he was killed. Jean-Paul and Shiro catch up. Crystal suggests people try and do something positive. Nori's parents encounter her roommate Karolina and things don't go well. Jean-Paul helps Callie with climbing. Jean-Paul and Haller discuss Catseye's issues and Haller is left with the job of teaching her social skills.

2009: Catseye visits Hank for a fitness test necessary for joining the X-Men as a trainee; Catseye posts to the x-team comm about becoming a trainee and asking for a special name. Nico posts about buying herself a sewing machine. Kevin posts about schoolwork never allowing him to see the light of day. Callie and Angelo discuss Fred.


2011: Angelo emails Doug about the men Sooraya had issues with in Attilan. Garrison and Adrienne have fish and chips and discuss tattoos, Victorian clothing and baseball. Wade emails Scott about wanting to talk to him. Terry and Doug meet for breakfast and discuss the personal issues skirted around in their emails.

2012: Sooraya posts to X-Corps to let them know Elpis has sent over their documentation of the Afghanistan project and that she will be storing them in a closet as she goes through them. Adrienne takes Tandy out to eat to get away from her parents’ wake and they discuss protection from things that go bump in the night. Johnny posts a picture of his abs for the ladies to see.

2013: Maddie posts up a picture of Clint pointing out his biceps.

2014: Sue posts a formula which when entered into google creates a revolving human heart. Gabriel meets Rogue at the boathouse and the two chat about art and adulthood.


2015: Clint meets with a SHIELD friend, Everett Thomas, and learns the truth about the deaths of several other colleagues. Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: The X-Quisitr, an anti-mutant newspaper, reports on Rave deaths and how the government is covering things up. Topaz texts Amanda to ask for help in determining if Aadesh Saini is actually her birth father, as she suspects.

2016: Laurie makes stuffed Reeses puff pastry donuts. Jubilee shares a Tumblr post about the Christmas goat. Bobby is shocked it’s only three weeks until Christmas and he and Miles make Christmas shopping plans.

2017: Amanda makes a journal entry about replacing Jubilee with a safe-cracking robot. Sharon receives a text from a friend, checking up on her and letting her know what’s been going on.

2018: Laurie texts Kyle to ask if he can smell electronics.