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January 3


2004: Remy LeBeau is retrieved. Sam and Paige argue over Angelo. Betsy speaks to Essex about her symptoms.

2005: Shadows Fall: Manuel is exorcised of Selene's influence but the ritual isn't without problems; Manuel remains in the care of the coven in London.

2006: Forge declares that the holiday was boring. Nathan tells the Kazakhstan group that they're leaving that night. Trinity: Bridge informs Nathan that the Pack are going after the training camp in Mali.

2007: Scott goes to Africa and manages to talk Ororo into coming back. Pietro, looking for Crystal, comes across Medusa and Lockjaw instead. Crystal visits Pietro and is horrified by soup from a can.

2008: Mr Pinstripe Suit: Returning to the dance contest, Wanda, Kurt, Doug and Marie-Ange confront Wilson, who turns out to be an energy absorbing mutant; in the resulting fight, Wilson's powers are overloaded; Wanda posts about the experience on the Snow Valley comm; Kurt and Wanda sleep together and Amanda is amused to find out. Mark goes to the mansion to return Esteban's shirt and encounters Farouk instead. Noriko stumbles across Julio, who is being anti-social, and they discuss the gayness of the mansion's male residents.

2009: Late at night, Jean-Paul encounters Scott and his sax in the stables and they discuss bad dreams. Adrienne sizes up Jean-Paul and decides he's tolerable. Operation: Anansesem: X-Force finds the missing magic users, and find themselves facing down one of the children of Anansi, the Anansesem. Terry reports Bobby has fallen down the stairs and given himself a concussion.

2010: Adrienne takes Garrison to a Hellfire party and they run into Wanda and Amanda, doing X-Force information gathering; a brief encounter with Jason Wyngarde and his silent red-haired assistant is had.

2011: Yvette runs an errand for Jean and runs into Hank, they talk about his new Danger Room scenario, and about her doubts about full team status. The Best Deceptions: Over 'family' dinner, Nanny announces to Peter and the Lost Children that they are going to rescue Molly Hayes, whose family have gone on the run, and uses Addie's powers to find them in Miami.

2012: Adrienne emails Vanessa for help in getting Layla a surprise t-shirt gift; Adrienne leaves the shirt on Layla's door.

2013: Wade texts Doug back that the road trip is not really possible since something is going on with Molly.

2014: Frank apologizes to Angelo for punching him in the face and finds out he still has a job at X-Corps. Angelo posts asking if Billy wished for snow. Matt texts Rachel asking her to return the shirt of his she wore when she slept in his bed. Ty searches the kitchen for food and finds Hope instead.

2015: Clint emails Matt about his possible sex life. Cecilia announces her return from Puerto Rico and asks to be filled in on what she might have missed.



2017: Maya reacts to the recent murders. Miles relates the events of his winter break, including reaction to the recent deaths.

2018: Laurie posts a song that gave her an earworm. Molly posts dismayed about a Slenderman movie, and plans are made to steal it.

2019: Rogue posts about not having seen good resolutions for the New Year and shares her own.

2020: Marie-Ange announces an experiment with reading fortunes in tea leaves and canned Ravioli. Nica announces she’s back from spending the holidays with her grandparents.