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May 20: Marie D'Ancato's Birthday

2003: Nathaniel Essex joins the staff. Rahne arrives. Lorna returns from California.

2004: Nathan finds himself in Angelo’s nightmare. Logan contacts the Hudsons about moving up to Canada and Marie makes the public announcement. Domino takes Amanda to New York City. Rahne stops by to visit Nathan. Piotr meets Theo. Kitty tells Angelo about her upcoming summer vacation.

2005: Jubilee blames herself for Paige’s departure, but Madelyn and Hank are able to calm her down. Terry talks with Alison about what to tell and not tell Jay about SOG. Scott opens Jay’s eyes to the reasons Paige may have left. Jay and Terry talk about SOG, home and the absence of love in their lives. Kyle apologizes to Jay for his negative reaction to Jay being gay. Hank talks with Madelyn about Manuel. Remy updates Charles on the status of the intel network since Pete’s departure; it’s a bleak picture. Madelyn checks to make sure Alison is aware of the cause of Haroun’s departure. Remy promises to drive Jubilee to Harvard if she hasn’t heard from Paige within a week. Things on the journals get heated between the students; Manuel issues threats. Since the mansion is not psi friendly at the moment, Scott takes Manuel, Dani and Jean into town.


2007: Angelo and Amanda go to the Elpis fundraiser and she sees him in 'working' mode. Doug realises he forgot his birthday as well. Nathan trains Jack, and there's some taunting about Nathan's lack of coping; later Haller emails various people about what was said. Jan emails Pietro about helping Tommy with his guitar lessons in Terry's absence. Garrison takes Marie out to celebrate her birthday. Yvette comes across Des the cat, out of Scott's suite, and returns the runaway to her owner; they talk about the X-Men and Yvette's interest in joining when old enough. New Renaissance Man: Jean meets Robert Haverford for lunch, and he backs off when she mentions a husband, inviting them both for dinner to discuss support the school; Jean tells Scott about her lunch and he gets overprotective. Nathan considers going back to Tel Aviv for a few days, but doesn't. Jennie and Crystal talk about Crystal moving back into the suite, and about the kidnapping jinx.

2008: Bedlam: Amanda and the remaining X-Force members come back to New York. Forge emails Paige about her old files on the X-Men's weaknesses. Clarice emails Kevin, telling him to stop being a recluse. Yvette and Cessily meet and bond over similar powers issues. Jay waylays Kevin and pushes him into freaking out by not taking 'no' as an answer; following the confrontation, Kevin goes to Nathan, trying to find a loophole in his parole that will let him leave the mansion; Kevin later emails Nathan, telling him he'll be gone for several days.

2009: Making her own early morning visit, Wanda finds Jean-Paul with Jake and is amused. Catseye uses Fred as a bed to sleep on. Rappaccini's Daughter: Cammie receives a parcel containing the fingers of her adoptive parents and instructions to go to an abandoned warehouse in her old home town; running into Kurt, Cammie refuses to wait and uses her powers on him to stop him from stalling her or getting the X-Men and steals Angelo's car; Angelo notices his car missing; in Vermont, Jake also gets a call, about his missing arm, and Wanda stops him from fleeing the country; Jean-Paul discovers Kurt suffering the effects of Cammie's powers and takes him to medlab; Cammie and Jake both arrive at their meeting point, only to find they are both wanted by New Son and its agent, George Tarleton; things go pear-shaped when George betrays the New Son agents and Cammie and Jake escape in the confusion; in the car, Jake discovers Cammie has his fingers, used to trick her into coming and a call is made to Kurt for backup; Wanda is collected, Cammie's parents called and it becomes clear George means business as he is at their house; Jake and Cammie go to her parents' house to confront George and Monica Rappaccini, Cammie's birth mother and it is revealed Cammie was designed as a biological weapon; the X-Men and Wanda come to the rescue, but George and Monica escape; Jake and Wanda talk about the New Son connection to his missing arm; Kurt and Cammie talk about choosing your family. Pas de Trois: Manuel suggests to Julian that he take Esme Stepford for the prom as a way to cheer her up. Monet texts Amanda to let her know about Kurt being sick. Marie announces drinks for her birthday; Callie makes her a cake and it's discovered Doreen needs a nutritional survey due to her powers. Callie hands her assignment to Nate and he offers her an internship with Elpis.

2010: Sam announces that he'll be going to Muir Island to help Jay's therapy during the summer vacation.

2011: Amara is hungover after the celebration of her being elected HeliX president of the ESU chapter and invites people to her and Callie's housewarming. Haller apologises for setting the bushes on fire whilst practicing his powers.

2012: An angry Kurt ponders showing the Genoshans who Magneto really is by contacting his mother; a number of people disagree with him, but understand his frustration and sentiment. Remy posts a reminder for people not to react blindly and get carried away by their anger; it would only play into the Genoshans' hands, and only get more people in trouble. He finishes by promising that there will be a plan, and that Xavier's will get their people back. The Unwritten Alliance: The senior players from the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force all sit down with Professor X and discuss the merits of action against Genosha; in the end, they all decide that they will need every hand on deck in order to free their people from Genosha, so they prepare to make plans to do so; Remy makes contact with those at Snow Valley and asks Sarah to come back to the mansion temporarily, and Doug to start working on communications; Jean makes a roll call request to all those not easily accessible at the Mansion, or whom have not already checked in after the wake of what happened at the protest.


2014: Hope writes thank you notes to Matt, Sue, and everyone else thanking them for her gifts. Hope encounters Namor near the gardens and thanks him for his assistance in Avalon.

2015: Xavin posts an apology for tricking Illyana the day before. Wade texts Marie-Ange a question about if he should drink more milk to help his teeth goes back and decides that extra cheese on his tacos should do the trick. Allison asks if people have any thoughts about pop music she should listen to that she never got the chance to before. Laurie posts an article and complains about how people take medical professionals for granted. Roxy asks if anyone in Generation X wants to come to a concert in Norwich with her the coming weekend, there are a few takers. Felicia posts an instagram post complaining about her flight home. Hope asks Doug to tutor her on observational skills. Sue and Clint run into each other at the mansion; it's not pleasant.

2016: Marie-Ange wanders in on Warren in the sun room and decides he’s going to be her next model, Warren is very much okay with this. A sleepless Maya encounters a handless Julian trying to make coffee and is a jerk, but it ends in hot chocolate.


2018: Amanda has sunburn due to her connection to New York and last night’s fires. Warren and Lorna meet with XFI’s lawyer and discuss their options in dealing with Quentin’s mess; Lorna checks in with Bobbi to make sure she’s all right after a two-day silence. Logan wishes Rogue a happy birthday. Namor comes to Clint to find out why his trident wasn’t working properly the night before (in typical Namor fashion); afterwards, Clint tells Natasha he deserves four gold stars for dealing with the Atlantean; Clarice treats Logan and Wade for radiation poisoning and reflects on her own experience.